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Welcome back to the Rick Edelman show. Thanks for being with us on the program, the fastest growing jobs in America that pays six figures. It doesn't require a college degree. What is that job apt developer? The median salary is more than one hundred thousand dollars. There is more demand for app developers than any other job in the country that pays six figures. And that's going to be the case for the next seven years. According to this recent research, it's projected that we're going to be adding a quarter of a million jobs over the next six years for app developers. Sure, you can go to college to become an app developer just major in computer science, but many app developers are self taught. The most important aspect of this is to maintain your knowledge in the skill set. I mean, you go back to two thousand twelve and after who stopped learning new languages back then would not know HTML five, and they would be unqualified for a job today. Let alone the jobs that are coming. So the vital importance of lifelong learning as opposed to the one time one-size-fits-all college degree. Here's what's so fascinating about this. App. Developer Giro's, what that's referring to developing applications for what you know for what your smartphone. Do you? Remember that your smartphone didn't exist thirteen years ago? It's hard to believe. Can you remember life without your smartphone? Have you ever left your house without it? You turned around and went home and got it didn't show..

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