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From twenty seventeen at the government is required to provide hygiene items adequate sleeping conditions food and water to children held in detention centers in the right of grand valley breathing polluted air can be is bad for you a smoking a pack of cigarettes a day a new study out this week reports people exposed to just three parts per billion over a decade had the same risk of emphysema as a thirty year pack a day smoker I'm Scott Jennings next reported aids for breaking news and weather alerts instantly follow us on Twitter at six ten W. T. V. news happens what this breaking news severe weather and traffic information Columbus's news radio six ten WTVN hi this is Tom double double insurance six one four eight nine nine one six one one today I will talk about your insurance they've been around since nineteen twenty five and ninety one percent their clients choose to renew with them why it's simple while other companies are spending billions on funny advertising and cutting corners on coverage and pricing here he chooses to be a word of mouth company that's been Jr premium dollars on superior products that are competitively priced and they're back by superior service consider this if your home insurance doesn't have guaranteed replacement calls during during backup coverage service line coverage or mechanical electrical breakdown coverage why not it's your biggest investment and it deserves the best coverage possible I like say on your worst day let me be your best friend our agency has been in business since nineteen ninety three and my message just simple allow my team to give you any insurance quote we have four offices in Ohio and we don't high pressure sales we just educate were price points call double insurance six one four eight nine nine one six one one when you call the basement.

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