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Counts dan was about independent sikh homeland do you support yes or no do you support an independent sikh homeland the degrade question let's talk about that so i've very clearly and openly advocated that it is people's right to talk about selfgovernance increased atonomy selfdetermination these are things that are absolutely legitimate to talk about i've also made it very clear that as leader of a federal party in canada my position on canada is a united canada i'm very clear on that but i don't way into whether or not people in scotland should vote for independence or not i absolutely have said that in catalonia people have the right to talk about their self governance and the self determination and what they wanna make of their future i've i've defended that right but i've not said that catalonia should vote one way or another similarly in india i absolutely supported the right for people to talk about the pain that they suffered i've just made it clear that it's not my position to decide whether to go one way or another but let's talk about this other video from twenty fifteen and that's also been publish by the globe this week you are out in event where it is a big poster of a man who's considered to be the founder of the danny movement and who used violence to the end and you're talking on that stage it's about as nother sovereignty rally and you said this is a quote we are talking about this because in our country where we live the country intentionally tried to wipe us out in that country it was a planned process you say that you don't want to interfere in another country's events you're canadian you you so why are you talking about our country being india and our intentions our aspirations are you're not at a callous danny rally i mean what are we supposed to make of that.

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