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Over to updates for awol elite general manager Mobile game and The latest The latest content update. I think it's actually out right now. And apparently it's gonna be featuring A lot more cool features In the game and all that so updates going to include News in events system for updates within the game itself Wrestler skins are on the way new storyline missions challenges new avatars finishes game completions segment animations and the content update will also featured thirteen new wrestlers including andrade malachi black bryant junior thunder rosa. Sean dean anthony ago-go ryan nemeth Caesar buni julia. Hard siham punk. Yeah so i mean it's it's getting that type of update ranked multi-player is on the way as well as a championship belt system Regarding season pass the first season is going to be the season of punk and his dropping this month it will include a punk avatar new skin. Finisher gimmick So yeah you know. that's a game. You guys have never checked out yet. Check it out. I mean i'm. I'm actually going to be checking that out when you're going to be checking that out so matter of fact Prolly as soon as we're done with the Show on probably gonna impeach checking checking that out. If that is that is awesome. They hear that is awesome. The here what's the guy running around a little casino joint Absolutely i'm not a gambler. I never know care for the casino in all that other stuff. So i'm actually good when i'm good on that one so So some good announcements there for dow all elite game and i can't hope would I can't help you look at that game and and say you know what. Hey w they just may be. You know they just may be doing it. Right here When when it comes to their gmo. And i'll tell you what if you are two k. You're definitely you know assuming that the games already in the books is ready to go but you gotta be looking at what they're doing with that elite general manager and taking some notes and okay. This is how we you know for those of you. That are may be interested in ille- general manager it's available right now for ios and android devices. Just go into the app store or get it on. Google play and pretty much go from there. Y'all and And enjoy. I'll definitely because i haven't checked it out yet. I i keep meaning to but not at. It's out there. And all that and the gamer in me. I'm definitely going to represent. And i'm definitely going to check it out so i would encourage you guys to check it out as well all right and other than that. That is pretty much yet. So i'm gonna stick a four can and i'm going to call it. His show deal. We need done. We're stopping out about the mid one hour. Fifty seven minute mark so. That's a pretty nice little bite size show for you guys. I'm more break for the rest of the week. I appreciate you guys that had a lot of patients and checking out this show again apologies if you experience any bothering issues lagging issues skip frame rates or whatever during this show going with a temporary Internet sat up. Hopefully everything will be nice in resolved as we get ready to go into the weekend and all that so again appreciate jaws patients and if it was that unbearable for you guys just remember i will have the audio version of this. Show be available for you. All i will release that I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the night. But i'm going to release it thursday night For you guys. Thursday night is when our released the audio version of this show. I did record a new. Nwea power polls show. I just got uploaded at this point. I'm just going to have it go. This weekend are so you're next edition. How become live with the c. Rely again at this point patriot members. We're gonna be doing some this weekend for you guys Patriot dot com forward slash. Cwr show september twentieth. Monday september twentieth. That's one now. Be back with you guys. After all goes off the air so tuna be connery watch got previous episodes. You might have missed one on downloads. Wherever you get your podcast you got a superpower. Please use it. Hit that like blood. We do that. You help more eyeballs on prod. Hit the notification bill as well so you don't miss out on any new said. Get me on twitter facebook instagram. Use the key words the are cwr show and until next go round. I'm wishing all you ought to be safe and most importantly be kind to one another ozzy guys next go. Round take ariel peace thanks for listening to infinity. one productions presentation keeping it honest insightful and interactive..

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