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Welcome everybody to brown chicken brown cow i am so excited with this with this interview today i'm doing my really happy dance today so we're really excited here in the studio too happy dancing oh it's laura laura is here with me actually recording and helping me out today to interview the founder ceo from do roddick we go to you got it took me a moment i'm sorry so it's a pretty exciting organization we're we're we're in our month of of spirituality so we are we're pretty excited to talk to a lot of people top they've starting off is and you know i've had a little chance to talk to her they are actually having a festival going on over there right now on the jewish holiday with process and we're going to ask you a little bit about that because that's amazing so i wanna learn a bit a little bit about that we're going to learn more about rata amazing website because it's really blending the religious aspect and the sexuality to create something that's really really sex positive yeah i'm i'm pretty interested to hear what they do and we have other things we're gonna talk about as well lots of things all the things that you wanna you wanna bring her in yeah that sounds good hey i oh are you there hey laura yeah hey monkey i'm here technology works because if listeners don't know is all the way over in in israel right now yeah sri that need as from jerusalem he should all come visit that's amazing so you said that there's a festival going on right now can you describe what this festival is a little bit this is the best time of year in israel it's called sue coat it's the harvest festival and if you imagine an entire country being block party mode that's what's going on we we literally we move out into huts and we live in them and everyone is just jamming music and dancing and strangers invite you into their like literal hut to break bread with them and eat and drink and be merry it's it's kind of awesome it sounds awesome the closest thing i could probably relate it to would be like burning man hearing states with the music and the huts in the french yeah i mean i would say like a little less nudity otherwise you know you see the similarity sure so kid i can you introduce yourself little i knew you've you've lived outside of jerusalem before i'll and maybe tell us a little bit about yourself in giralda dot org yeah for sure so i was born in raised on the east coast of the united states in new jersey in a very orthodox jewish community which means very religiously devout and gosh where to start where to focus i i don't know i was raised in a very conservative community passionate about my judaism my background is as a jewish educator but also as an educator on healthy relationships and sexually and growing up the extent of these sex education in the jewish framework that i was in was we would learn about something called mikva which is a jewish ritual bath which is to say there pretty much wasn't any education and as i ventured out into the world and studied human sexuality in university and things like that i realized that there was just a a profound lack of education and discussion and the religious community about six on and then conversely secular jews didn't think that judaism had anything to offer their release under sexuality of value and so there's a lots of kind of what you radical is in how it was founded but part of it was to create a bridge to kind of bring sex positivity back into judaism and to bring judaism back into the more secular sex positive world so that's kind of an interesting topic so i honestly will admit i don't know a ton about judaism so what what i mean i heard you say you didn't really have a lot of sex education but what is kind of the jewish perspective like in general from like a tradition bray point on sexuality or other gender related issues so great question laura and the best way to answer it i guess is this slogan that i quit for two radka which is i believe in original mitzvah and amid spot it's like a commandment as opposed to original sin so they're six hundred thirteen commandments in the bible and the very first one the original mitzvah is.

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