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Season. Labor Day traditionally marks the final intense push in the race for the presidency. Joining us now on the coma. News line is a B C's Andy field and what did the president announced today? Andy? Well, he did what he typically does when he holds news conferences, which is basically doesn't have a chance to do the campaign speech. So he makes that Camp Spain campaign speech before reporters he spent Probably the better part of a half hour delivering all the things you know, boy says to crowds that are cheering him on not really delivering any news at all. But then he was asked a number of questions on some pretty important issues, some of them involving the Atlantic article, and he keeps saying that he now has 15 people who come out, said he never said that and You should put that to rest. Hey, was also asked about his postmaster general who I think it was, the Washington Post reported. That the postmaster general, according to a number of people who used to work for him, said that they were coerced into making campaign donations to President Trump so that he would look good and Say, Look at all the donations. I brought into the Trump campaign and then use that company that he worked for to reimburse those workers to pay them back, so they weren't actually taking money out of their own pocket. If indeed, any of that's true, there were a number of campaign laws that were broken. The president was pretty noncommittal about saying he just heard about it. And then he was pressed by our ABC reporter Keira Phillips. Andi said. Well, if it's true, are you going to fire him? He says. Well, if it is true, yes, he would lose his job. But you know, we've heard all these accusations, and then he turned it back on him. About what he calls Russia with chubs. Interesting and this was called late in the day, wasn't it? There wasn't initially campaign event or I shouldn't say a campaign event at the White House. And then he called it this afternoon, right? Yeah, he, uh, he actually did late in the morning, and it was about one o'clock eastern time. This happened. But the person who's doing this He wants to make sure that he is on television. And he is getting some sort of attention because Joe Biden, Campbell Harris or back out there campaigning now, and he doesn't want their charges to go unanswered. Another part is that he talked about cancel culture. We've heard this where he claims the liberal group groups are trying to cancel people who support the Confederate flag, or they want to cancel statues of Confederate leaders. Hey, says I am against cancel culture. But then, of course the president forgot to mention that he himself has been at the forefront of cancel culture, telling his supporters the boycott and cancelled Cos that angered him for including Goodyear, Apple Basie's HBO, Mexico, Italy. He even tried to cancel Oreo cookies at one point saying they want to move there. Ah packaging plant to Mexico. You should boycott Oreo. So while the president's to cry other groups of there, he says they're canceling. Uh, folks, he said, uh, you know, he forgets to mention that he's done exactly the same thing. That's a BCS Andy Field for 50. Let's check our propel insurance money. Update reports from ABC News Wall Street. Now the stock market is closed for liberty, but investors already are looking to Tuesday. Now Jones and SNP futures going into tomorrow's suggest modest gains when the street reopens. An Aztec appears headed for some losses. At least a few analysts expect last week selloff in stocks to last one more day, At least the standard Poor's 500 has fallen nearly 4.5% over the last two sessions. Still, it's up 53% from its march lows. Nestle has inched a little closer to its goal of using on ly recyclable or reusable plastics by the year 2025. The Swiss food manufacturer says it's boosted his share of environmentally friendly packaging to 87%. After months of covert induced delays. Tenet finally landed in US movie theaters over the weekend. Where a rising number of cinemas have opened their doors. Warner Brothers took in more than $20 million in ticket sales across the country. Jim Ryan ABC NEWS We Check your money news at 20 and 50 past the hour commute conditions coming up. Get.

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