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Once you seven is also locally owned. The food is incredible he they also serve local wines and beers there. They have a really nice bar area so when my husband go in there on usually alternate date night week we love to sit at the bar. The bartenders are all super friendly. It's just a great place to go. You feel comfortable everyone we go. It just feels like your homage just really comfortable when people are so friendly. Faubourg is actually known as the friendly village. And it's true. You know everyone locally it you go from the restaurant to even our little local grocery store major market you go in there and the people that are helping to bring us up you know ask over go hiking today. It's just that kind of place where you just feel at home. No matter where you go is really cool are there. wineries breeze spars ars any any other places to talk about. Yeah so we have our has quite a few wineries and a couple tap. Room's one of my favorite wineries. His which is also an AIRBNB is a state echo belly. And it's up on a mountain above Pala Mesa resort and it's a small little winery it but it's just really cool because their view is just gorgeous. You can sit on the patio. have some wine taken the view and if you WanNa see the whole week in there you can actually rent out. The House has a swimming pool in summertime. It's it's just a really nice little space. We have a local wine club. It's called ladies Wine Club Faubourg in the winery hosted us for a day and we had so much fun. I did not sleep. I wanted to just move in there. We also have a tap room. Mm That is prohibition Berry so the actual brewery is in Vista but they did open at taproom in Fabric Series To to get prohibition and Beers there and that is right on main street. So it's really fun. If you're hanging out in your shopping and you wanted to stop it and have a beer. We also have a local restaurant called Cuban brew and they they have an awesome little bar. They do tap takeovers every other Friday and they they hope they have a ton of local beers and wines available as well. It's just a cool. Who'll little place it's it's in the original firehouse? So there's a lot of Fire historical memorabilia in there and it's just a fun little does seems to go detonates. Your food to they do they do serve food. So it's all barbecued some. It's barbecue in beer recently. And they are going to local lines. It's okay There were some other wineries that you had told me about before. Yes two thirds the vineyard one to four which is really awesome at Christmas mistimed. They open up for. I WANNA see about a month and a half or so. They still Christmas trees. And then you can also go. They do bonfires every night. We'll have live music. Dick you can have glasses of wine will have food trucks. So it's really kind of an event to get your Christmas tree and the place is just like so adorable. They saw you saying vineyard. One twenty four is only open for those six weeks or whatever so generally asked only open for six weeks. I did notice that they do other events as well. I just started falling among these book to find out when they when they're going to open the winery but when it is open. It's so much fun to go but Christmas time is really fun. My husband and I always go at least a couple times a year. We get bottled pulled up. Hang out by the The bonfire with our friends. We have Myrtle creek. We have the toasted oak. We Have Beach House and then we have FARC winery in which is actually probably the largest winery in fallback and they are in distribution. So you can actually buy their widens locally at places like Albertson's and then we also have constitutionists awesomeness which is owned by a lovely couple making Susan and they open up their home for their winery. You join the wine club you can go up there. It's actually up above up fallbrook in kind of like the Rocky Mountain area. So it's really rural gorgeous. Home that overlooks this big canyon with their vineyards and their wine China's great to about a bar or any other bars that you still there if you're into dive bars. We have the best device are it's called the red eye and it. It is religious up to its name. I think every time I've been there we have stayed in closes in with. Oh Gosh has has got of your own to you. But it's just you're straight up. They don't take credit cards. You ought to have cash law of locals hang out there. There's a lot of retired tired marines and military the hang out there. They have really good bands on the weekend denouncing. Dj Kariuki all the things that dive barbed should have. Oh Okay Salon hiking. I imagined you know this is pretty rural. It's definitely not by the ocean. I'm you know how long it takes you to the ocean about a half hour but our okay. I think you're an avid hiker imagined with a hiking nagazine that you might take a little bit So what do you think about the hiking places to go so in my husband and I moved from Ocean side we were. We were hikers in surfers. And we live by the beach so that we can start off and it was always my dream to move to Falkirk since there's little kid 'cause I just love Rothfield but what really pushed over the edge to move. There was the Santa Margarita River trail. which is if you do the whole trail? You've been actually win eleven mile loop and it runs along the Santa Margarita River which is a role river it flows year round. It is obsolete beautiful all your hiking through three hundred year old oak canopies. There are deer down. There are beavers in the river. There are a bunch of endangered fish. There are a blue herons. There are tons of Hawks in all kinds of birds. There's a severe SUV. You're obviously but I'm getting out of your into wildlife. There's a ton of a ton of wildlife down others hotel in bobcats mountain lions. It's just stunning. So so we would drive from oceanside once once once a week ish and we would hike the river and so my husband being a really big server said if I could find a house that we can walk to you that we could buy three walk to the trails that he would consider it so I did and we bought it and we moved to fallbrook. It's been about ten years now dot trail At least once a week it's dog friendliest. You can bring your dogs in the summertime. It's really nice because he bought the water in the trees as a little bit cooler. We also have Mountain which is it's a very. It's a pretty short hike. The whole loop is only about five miles but you're going up about twelve hundred feet in violent hap- since really steep so it's a great hike for training so if you WANNA get in shape that's a really good one to do. Once a week. We have a couple preserves ars that are managed by fabric land conservancy and there are a little bit shorter. Hikes are also equally beautiful with lots of oak trees and Sycamore Trees. And they're those preserved our great for kids so you can do short little milder and get out into nature and still experience at all. All the trails are dog friendly. uh-huh in fallbrook on a leash. They're just all stunning. They're all beautiful. Where would you start if I wanted to come out and go on that trail by the river where I start? How do I get there so to get to the childhood for the Santa Margarita River you would take deludes road which is right off of mission road and you're going to head north and there's GonNa be a wine you're gonNA stay to the right and that just takes you right to the dry so it's probably only never actually gauged it? How how far town? But it's it's it's not that far I would say maybe two miles out of town to get to the the chill had and are there signs and directions could easy to find. It's easy to find. There's nobody there no signs but if you just google it it's easy you can or you could probably they just put it right into your navigation. It'll take you there. It's a real popular trail There's so many wonderful things I mean. It sounds like just a ton of history. I mean Avocados data. Of course. That's fun in those festivals and some little quaint shops. Are there little antique shops. Or something down to. Yeah Faubourg downtown. There's quite a few the anti shops that have really fun. Unique a things for sale in them a lot of the residents a lot of people that moved to fall volver artists because artists. One that that rule fueling the quietness and they end up opening shops downtown to be able to eh display their superfund lines so there there's there's all kinds of antique shops in the community is centered around artists to you like why earlier we have the our wine bite. That's the walk. We have lots of little art studios downtown onto you where you can see. Local People's paintings and different kinds of exhibitions in that kind of thing. So I can't wait to explore Default work a few times ever. It's been a long time so this is really exciting. So yeah and the Chamber of Commerce has really good out helping visitors visitor down there too so you can only stop in the chamber. It's Ri- on Main Street She's amazing she. She knows everything there is to know about fabric and she loves it. Probably more than I do Possible yeah she's great so before we end this podcast. I need to point out that there's been one big change group town. Coffee Coffee has new ownership and now it's called coffee. corks and cuisine. Of course this only happened a few days after we recorded this episode assode but it does remind me to tell you about the show notes that are posted on things to do in San Diego Dot. US I take the time to link every place that we talk about to the web page or to some information so that you can easily find the hours and location etc and they actually do this for myself as well because a lot of times. I'm so inspired by these guests that I'm going to these locations and I sometimes forget all the places that were mentioned so I look up the show notes and try and figure out where I want to go based on the show notes. If you have a particular part of town or part of the city in San Diego County that you want to know more about feel free to drop me a line or if you've enjoyed the podcast look to know about that..

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