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Well I think hey we've covered so many good good. Well I just WanNa make sure because yeah this. This is an opportunities. But thank you so much being here and sharing and I know this is going to help write a multitude of people grew and writing this book with such a journey for us really writing it together and collaborating was beautiful. Yeah yeah that's also something. I think that we have very appreciative in our relationship is that we We have three businesses offices. One of them is to mystify love. So it's helped me ship the relationship with love and also money but that we there's the focus we have to give so. It's not just about us about our retirement in our life. Our Little Nest Egg. That's not. What really motivates us? So we have a motivation to try to find a way to help others and as powerful. I think if you can do that some way that they're doing something which is more than just them. Yes it's the give back in some way amen. Whatever they want to yes? It's distributing love. twitted show I bet you didn't have have this wonderful wisdom before you went through what you've gone through or may we had a little bit uh-huh this much. Maybe we have this much now. I don't know we're still beginners. You know we're all learning role evolving. Thank thank you so much for sharing care in coming your son much. We hope you enjoyed today's Today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life emailing at Dr Cheryl dot wealth transformation at for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you further please visit. It's Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift. You can get Doctor Cheryl's book twelth Transformation Integrity Integrity Integrity for only the cost of postage seven dollars and ninety five cents until next time. Feel healthy unhappy in your wealth no matter where you are in your life..

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