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I understand the struggle. I've been there. I've walked through and continue to lock it walking. Fear to fate devaluing to love calling and bondage three dollars. So it's been a journey as you can see walking dead right there with you on your own. Green a life and business learn all the themes about wellness about how about lifestyle and travel. You will learn how creating it and how you can create it too. So who am i. I'm katrina julia. Lifestyle entrepreneur a creator and a day. Environmental gary in it to transform travel with my mom and dad and my mom is here with me. Hi mom hey hawaii you thank you so much and you guys. I'm actually in costa rica. And i love isn't bulgaria but thankfully because of the anchor app or a to do this literally all around the globe easily straight from our phones so i'm gonna share a bit i again. Thank you monster so much for doing this. And thank you contributing to the blog in every game you welcome. I hope it would work. I'm i it will work absolutely great so you love culture beaches and traveled to unique destinations. You want to go be on the usual tourist destinations. You love to get away. Stay healthy and try new experiences win. You travel traveling helps. You transform in more ways than one in varna bulgaria. Maybe you want to come with your family too and you want to transform travel together. It's easy to see. Why are not in bulgaria or destinations to add to your travel bucket list sooner rather than later with culture beauty and food. This city and surrounding areas have a lot to offer regarding and including a c. garden including beaches including a pirate ship including experiential restaurants. And as faw right along the black sea ability among the city streets very very easily plenty experience one day in varna bulgaria to transform travel whether you come solo whether or with your family after you listen to this my dad is. You'll want to stay in vital area longer especially with the beautiful beaches and the surrounding cities to explore within driving distances. Like some of my favorites sever velika turnover velika turnover and plovdiv to name a few follow. This one day. I ternary to transform and travel and it will help. Make your travel transformational even if it's a short trip. These are my recommendations for the top experiences for your one day in varna. My intention is that you choose exploration. My mom will have different parts at different points to get insights from her experiences as a resident in right up fun sacks about varna bulgaria one of the reasons why i love are not and i included a ton of pictures and behind the scenes on the blog which you can find the show notes as well and one of the love are not is because of the city's culture the history and beaches beaches all around the globe. Soap interesting things to know about. Varna include their varna see garden which is actually the the balkans zor math complex senior up the varna. International ballet competition is the oldest and was world. The dolphinarium is a one of kind of traction and only one in the balkans and the last place where the group is where it sells environment is also the last night where the crusade ended culture in history in every single direction. My parents live there now. To in case you haven't before and each and every time i visit barna bulgaria i learned at. I haven't even seen all these things. So if you're connecting with me for the first time. Burnable gary So just to give you some insight. Some of you may have instantly thought why bar now. Why bulgaria back alliance story. I like to say my mom says oh baby you were conceived somewhere else. I was conceived in sofia bulgaria. Early in nineteen seventy eight. My parents met there at a nightclub where my mom on vacation with her aunt. Maria in nineteen seventy six. My dad introduced her the next day to his mom and said this will be the mother of my children. Talk about speaking vision. She went back to pull in two weeks later. Long story short. My dad set marriage papers and there are married in bulgaria about three months later..

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