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So if she really wants you today, and you say, okay, we last time like I'm really not into that right now. Like, I'm really focusing on me. The next time brings it up change the subject letter Novick. I'm not gonna talk about this more like a good point good with this. And if you're good with this. I think also you keep trying to prove or otherwise, she's probably gonna just read into that. Being like, see she's not happy with that. She's trying to convince me she's just channeling all of that sexual frustration. Like, you don't tell her. Don't worry. Mom. I'm getting like, which sounds like you. Yes. Yes. Get it hit it or just like fucking yourself. Take care yourself. I think you can just like just ignore it. And then she'll get over it. But I think the more that you talk about it, even if it's trying to your life choices, she's going to think that she has the option to talk to you about it. But if you tell her like, no, this is my personal life. Like, you don't have to say in it. I'm just going to do it. And then ignore her. If she keeps calling you and saying that stuff just totally ignore her as it used to. It's a really good point. Like, don't don't spend so much energy convincing someone of something. They they're they're not going to believe or whatever has live your life. And she's ultimately, you're I mean, obviously, she's your mom, and you like relationship, and I want to be good. But she always right about your own life. Yeah. You know, what's good for you? And if it's not being lazy right now, then I mean, I'm reading to relationship. Okay. Okay. No. I think it just kind of dated perspective that she has. And I think that the best way to show that you're saying the best way to show that you don't need a relationship. Let her see you flourish and see that happen. And then even if she doesn't like settle down or stop with that. Like, maybe you've siblings who are gonna start dating someone. She's barred laying a Netflix subscription older sister. My older sister getting engaged with a huge relief. We're like the attending on her. And we're happy for them. And I'm taking their engagement photos. Like, I have have a place in the family behind the camera. What happens when they get married? Going to prolong this as much as possible that there's still both in medical fellowships at least two years a little bit of time..

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