Davis Marino Hymie, Assault, Redlands High School discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Priority right now is protecting and supporting anyone who. May have been assaulted Season does not tolerate sexual assault Period we do not take the crimes committed by or against members of our community lightly nineteen year old Davis Marino Hymie was arrested yesterday afternoon and has been suspended. From the school soccer team authorities say the first known assault happened in April of last year when Marino Hymie. Was still Redlands high school students the. Latest incident allegedly occurred last month the fire near reading. Has gained more ground burning more almost. One hundred thirty two thousand acres that's about five thousand more than Thursday nights more than fifteen hundred homes. And, buildings have now been destroyed fires thirty nine percent contained the entire area in Shasta county is. Under. A red flag warnings through tonight's NASA has announced names of the first astronauts he will fly into. Space. On US made commercial space craft the flights will be the agency's first manned missions since the space shuttle program ended in two thousand eleven SpaceX says it. Plans to take its first, crew dragon test flight a November but Boeing launch passenger spacecraft star liner until late this year or early Twenty nineteen traffic from the helpful socal Honda traffic center watch out, for Cal trans work on the five in. Anaheim on the five freeway southbound between harbor and the, twenty two it's Cal trans. We're taking away the carpool and chew left lanes still around seven AM and taking a look at the so Cal Honda traffic Cam you got back their heavy to almost Disneyland drive Huntington beach. On the four zero five northbound.

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