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Team lore also on friday here's a rundown of the legion all state players for this season in double late shy and post six the double a stay champion with five players who made all state braxton innocent carter moxie lincoln sure he'll ross no car and ryan andor in and the evanston il laws with all stay player in en fisher that you matt rough ryders with the several guys who made all state austin hester drazen lackey hunter silky josh a huge an for the jackson giants john fisher is a repeat all states selection that holland worth from jackson all may also made all state blake more from lehrman as well as harrison yates those are the two folks from the rangers that made all state holding came from rock springs makes all stayed as well as blake godwin from sheridan and his teammate jeff shane are and his teammate no one mccaffrey here are the guys that made second team in double lame braden martinez brock anderson grant store bowen sean carson from shy of post six alex rich and hunter hickson tucker lee live from evanston dylan but my are kyler star coulter aligned in mason bone our from gillette ryan fusion g even came from jackson marshall stewart from lehrman jb hamby from rocks frames blake came from sheraton connor jordans in from sheraton corey steal also from sheraton the double a player of the year was ryan andrew from china post sex the double a pitcher of the year hunter salty from gillette the double a manager of the year ben fellas from the sheraton trooper is the double ace state run of mvp was braxton in his from shy of post six and the double a tournaments sportsmanship aware when to the jackson giants now for the all state guys on the ace side of things to matt sam or rj prince indeed go by from shy and cameron right and jerry grants from cody mason barker in striker davies from douglas tyler vendetta am brendan hopkins from greenr ever love o had riley he'll make all state rich mccoy have river to made all state and kyle pollock of wieland is a two time all state selection on the second team for a therefore guice and cody jordan was keegan brodeur cooper brought in parker shreve zach sloan from douglas may second team blake julien is and angelinos from greenr ever call wom back en dawson for sela from level carson asher from paul baylor bears some river thames and dan shot surfer we blunt the eight player of the year camera to right from cody the a pitcher of the year kyle pollock from we've won the aid manager of the year.

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