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I'm going to one up your right now. One time I was coming out of the school and that fucking dumpster full of the ri- milk got hit by a kid and splashed in my face like and it was the most Phalle feeling my life dog. Like I got like childbirth blood on my hands. And I was still not as gross out as a write in discussing chocolate because I know like if it's like summer school. Oh, Joe, Joe twenty. Sizzling on ashville. Gross tap, open radish shit jumping back and say, like the wrath going. They gonna shorts. This is like a waterfall. This, like other reds, nicer uniforms Bill the house, Rascon foot and mouth, but milk lazy river around. Bob, I told you we needed a vacation. He was so stressed. Harry, I got snowbird in my son. We got a house in Boca. We go down there. Gross. Every part of body tickling fears. He going to school shopping my nephew miles who was selling candy. Joe rip-off thing I got a lot of trouble with is in fourth grade because we all know they switched up the program and they were just like, oh, you can either so candy and put that the points of selling the candy towards the books in the price book, or you could take two dollars off each bar. Candy sowed. So as a kid, I was like, yo. So if I could get these crappy toys, if I like do the home out or could just take two dollars off each one. And then the third option of here was like, well, just keep all this. With the problem was it was like my parents people. Chocolate mad money. Have this little people with the bat orders on your land. Hi, Koo. Koo Koo. I was like, oh, adults got mad money..

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