Ruehe, Roux, Social Media discussed on BuzzFeed's The Library: A Drag Race RuCap - 12: 'Category Is'


Ruehe was really gunning for sharon because sharon when the most challenges andrew is i know this this kid has it and the sponsor absolute was like no she's we don't want her representing our brand no really so that's why that was a for season roux was like oh the top three i'm knocking announce at we're going to do alive show because she wanted to get so many social people on social media being like no it's sharon sharon shared because prior to that all the everything was filmed and then ray it was crowned then right well i thought i thought that happen because press hilton ruined the roger win inside roger ruined that herself like writer that at at every one leaked to that in that lake may be rues going to look at the fact that were living in a different time no at the time when the show was filmed was before the election now it's postelection and you you saw all the branding going into this of like we need america's nextranked superstar now more than ever so rues can also plug that into who is going to who's going to shake things up and be a a leader of the people i guess who is the most political queen and i would love to see i would love to see that i mean we saw we did you guys see sharon perform atta a tony grefe fans kathy griffin holding aplenty had i did not see that it was it was last night a or the i prefer last she did heads will roll by the as uh and.

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