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Tbi it's all right and jake gerry jackson and ideas sixty eight in the claimed the bumper rotation the best bumper music rotation in all of broadcasting here on the eib network he mayors rush one shorewood joe contra on you didn't say that was the story with martha mccallum were joe country was west night of fox and friends also agreed by the way with a point that i made that was on a roll of the drive bys yesterday and the and the rest of the media fox in france today agreed with the point i made yesterday that we may there may be actually something changing on the school shooting front i said the cause of donald trump that something feels different about this and here is ainsley earhardt on fox friends rush limbaugh said yesterday he's confident the president well this is going to get fixed why taxes got fixed the military is in the process of being rebuilt that's going to get fixed we are going to fix things to do with obamacare you may not like the way donald trump talks and speech you may not like the fact that donald trump tweets and you may not like the way donald trump walks in you may not like this are about about donald trump is behavior resumes and his manner and so forth but if you were lower that and take a look at what donald trump the president is accomplishing at what he's doing when he was on the campaign trail he said we're gonna make america great again and as often he said we're gonna make america safe again it was in context larger you do with illegal immigration but they're gonna fix this and the do steve dorsey following up on this and you know what and there's a broken record producing talking about me said you know what rush could be right you know what he could be right we've sat on the couch for many school shooting emily but this time things just seemed different that's right you had a commander chief standing up willing to speak blunt truth right it is it's not it's not just that something feels different orbit it feels differed is who trump is trump remains an outsider it comes from a world where you're half the do things you can't talk yourself in a building of building of siri's a hotels you can't talk yourself in the building worldclass golf course you have to do it he's a door kato seppo traffic is sponsored by.

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