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Young to remember it's about a little league baseball team that god awful the bears have a near sighted pitcher overweight catcher a chain smoking alcoholic coach played by the master scowl Walter Matthau the coach is so desperate to turn this team around he does the unthinkable he puts a girl on the team yes a girl welcome to the seventies Amanda Wurlitzer became the bears new picture and you better believe you're gonna root for her and all of the other bears it's the classic underdog story but it was another underdog story playing up behind the scenes. out at the time was a mess this seven movie companies paramount was number seven made horrible movies everything was awful as for Barry he got about as much respect as Amanda Wurlitzer he came from TV and by his own account he had no idea what he was doing but for berry and so many infinite learners that's a happy place so what's out of depth young executive to do prove everyone wrong for starters it wasn't until I got into it. and saw how awful it was some mismanaged it was how raising the process was. that I got excited because I just thought there's a whole other way to do this. who would eventually turn this troubled movie studio into a hit machine he would green light films that would change Hollywood we didn't have a process it took me two years.

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