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Appreciate it. Guys, always great talking with you next time. And I do think that that's actually a pretty interesting angle that you do see in other sports to where the one the one player is out the market can tend to focus on that and when you're dealing with a team sport, and when you're dealing with with a sport with the coaches of varying skill sets, there can be ways of sort of paper that over at least in the short term. It's it's an interesting angle and I liked a lot of the Scots. A lot of the stats Scott was dropping on the show. 'cause they point to weaknesses in the w-. Way the market comes together. And I think for me, that's when a lot of those type of numbers really start to have more meeting. I'm by nature more of a fundamentalist handicapper whether you're talking about horses or teams, but when you're looking at situations that are going to skew the betting market, that's when I start to pay attention skunks point about the, you know, the different the point differential ten points. It reminds me of an opportunity. We're gonna have coming up here too few weeks and the rears Cup with this. This Philly Seren Getty imprints who won by like linked of the stretch. It appears that she's that she's stronger than she might actually be when she gets into a dogfight based on that open links victory. The same can happen in football when teams are winning by ten or more points and holding teams and not very many points, it can kind of it can kind of paint a picture that might not be so accurate..

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