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And the chief of police, Adrian DS, a small group of protesters. One was arrested one message. Targeted chief DS himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We reached out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment, And we're still waiting to hear back almost least old rented police responding to a shooting incident late yesterday, no arrest yet a teenager suffering a gunshot wound and last we checked in critical condition. They believe the male teen who was shot knows the shooter or shooters. Police tweeting yesterday that there was no additional threat to the public. The shooting occurred on third Court Northeast third Corps just east of written technical college in that area. Some health experts warning of a possible fourth surge of coronavirus cases as phase three rolls along here in overstate since the face took effect, though some businesses are bouncing back while others are still struggling comes Cole Miller talked with some shop owners in West Seattle. Good morning. We're just about a week into Phase three. And while that allows for up to 50% capacity, some places still aren't seeing those numbers. There is optimism, though, that with more vaccines that will change as long as we don't see a dramatic spike in the number of cases, but the Admiral Theater every time they come in the door Now they're like we're so glad you're open the regulars air helping the bottom line there. The bottom line is, things are still sluggish. We could potentially have up to 100 people in our bigger theaters, but at most we get usually like 30, Rory That's almost cold Miller. Meanwhile, 14 counties in danger of moving back one phase of the numbers don't change by the next evaluation, which happens in mid April six of those counties by.

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