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Going to be as encouraging as they were last night. Sooner or later that's going to hang right? If he doesn't turn it around. And by the way, as to expression to us. To use the expression turning around kind of implies he was one somewhere. Right. Know, I unless you want to go back to when he was planning college. I don't know. He's never had a game. Good enough to say, he's got gotta turn it around. Maybe he needs to put up those seven hundred shots. Like Reggie do. See what goes on with that? There's very few players in the history of the game. They had they're kind of discipline. Miller had I wonder I wonder what Steph Curry's shooting regimens. I wanna does something similar. Yeah. Yeah. I think couple of years I think he put up about. But I'm not really sure. No, no, no, no, no Miller dodgy every day. Now in practically no if he's got a game is seven o'clock starting in Iran to thirty three o'clock Miller would start taking his seven hundred shots to warm up, and I know Larry Bird, you should do a similar thing to the greatest shooters in history of the game. I wonder if Steph curry does something similar. Very probably, you know. You would take. So I mean. Hopefully, Marco this. I think the fans are private starts getting crazy chair probably about halfway through the season. But I hope that you stick it in dorms because you know, he could beat the b valuable design work on suit. I at the moment. I I I have no idea if he's ever going to be something valuable or not. And I don't think six when you say half the season. Well, that's forty one games. Now, again, half of those games are on the road. I don't think the sixer fans are going to hang in there for half the year. I don't. I'll try my best to. I I want the best for him. I want the best for the team me too me too. Yeah. Who's your quarterback? Oh, well, we're what he was talking about Russia quarterbacks. The first lady came to my mom. Randall Cunningham watching her because I'm a younger guy. I'm only about I'm on eighteen right now. So I don't most people listed by way before hours watcher football. But USA, I came to my mind. Well, no doubt will put you on a whole need just one of those classic. Serena Williams keychains. Randall Cunningham is second all time. Only one quarterback in the history of the N F L has more than Randall Cunningham four thousand two hundred excuse me four thousand nine hundred and twenty eight rushing yards. Johnny one quarterback has more yards. Then that if if Cam hits his yearly average what he usually gets he'll sit down here at some hill pass Randall this year, he will he won't get the number one this year, but barring injury, he's. Going to retires the greatest running quarterback ever, certainly if he does not get hurt and who wants to get hurt. I don't think anybody to get her. Let's say I do Steve down there in Tampa. How you doing Steve? Well, good morning. How are you? I'm fantastic. You know, you mentioned W F, I L restaff our idea. You remember Phil Sheridan? Was he a traffic guy? He's the guy from six to ten. No. I don't. Sixty WF. I I. When I think those days, and there was F I L, and there was w I g. Take the high lit and Joe Niagara and George Michael's Angie's, and oh who is the weather man passed away because he was at this Jackie. I Tim O'Brien Jim O'Brien. Oh, yeah. Gerry O'Brien to? Yeah. They're they're like jocks from a million years ago. But I remember them all well, not old. But I do remember. Thank you very much. I think the biggest problem he's going to be easier. Add or Colonel lease. And regal commit. Penalties third down and long and it will be a five year. Apparently, you know, America. I doubt they were. They were not as penalized as much against the giants. The giants might have been the game. So far this season with the lease flags. Turn against you. Eagles. Before that when walk. Breath was brutal. Yeah. I think going into the giants game. The eagles were the third most penalized team in the late. And I think now. No. I don't know where they're at at the moment. I would think the giants game would drop them a little bit there as far as being penalized. But yeah, it's not been a good year for them. As far as penalties are concerned. And I see the play calling after the first series last week the play calling changed where wins. I think I got sacked. I remember times and of sudden legal started throwing screens and running. It looks like the whole philosophy of the offense. Change was for the good. I wonder why you took so long. To figure that out that you're wanna get webs hurt. So you've got so you got you got me. And supposedly you can throw the ball very well against Carolina. So. Look for look for look for a lot of passes on Sunday where does Carolina's defense rate. You know, I don't know their middle of the road yards wise their fifteen th against the run fifteenth against the pass give up like twenty three points a game. I think. Well, that's about average. Yeah. By the way, you know, we we had a conversation a couple of weeks. Flyers goaltender. And you said there was a kid. I think in minor league who they were going to bring up a year. You remember? I do. Yes. Carter heart and they're waiting for. It's it's not about what the team needs. It's about the kid being ready to play in the NHL because it's the best league in the world. If he's ready they'll play him. They just don't believe him to be yet. I would love to see him. I think he's the best goaltender in the organization. But he's twenty years old. Most goalies don't play until later on. He's got all the credentials. He just has to you know, put it together in the minor leagues. And show that he's ready for a promotion, and he has it been dominant down there yet and the season just started. I think they wanna give them at least most of the year down there. One final point big daddy. Do you know who is right? The flyers above the GM. Who is running and flies above the GM? No, I do not. Okay. Thank you very much. And why you want to write him a letter or something? Why? Why why not why not? I mean it gets. Question where fires get bad? Iraq. Started was alive. I sure there'd be a whole bunch of by now, and I wanna Lewis. Either led to go where the coach go or how bad is it have to get. Okay. I hear your point in tanks had a call. But all those changes Ed Snider made over the years. What did it end up resulting? Yeah. That's like, I it does feel nice when the team starts out owned three, and you fire the coach here all of a sudden guy you signed to a big contract isn't producing. So at trade him after a week, but it didn't work like that's why they went forty years without a Cup because they went for it every year. And that's why Hextall had to dig them out of this whole that they were in because they went for it every single year from like, the Lindros era up until about twenty thirteen and they had no prospects. They had no cap space. They had no draft picks, and it's really hard to recover from that. They're getting I still believe in the plan. Is this all the time? Like how bad would like what would Hextall have to do to lose his job? I wonder I think the guy running the team is Dave Scott. But I like is Paul does. They gave Paul home grenade. You're fired up kind of promotion. I don't think Ron Hextall answers to him. He's the one who got the minutes mess after Bobby Clark. I I do wonder if this was maybe an over correction like we had no stability for so long. Now, we're just gonna ride everything out eight eight eight I'm sorry. My eagles are fourth and penalties behind Pittsburgh Kansas City in Green Bay. I think. The giants came. So they improved by one notch because they did not have a lot of flagstone against them. They probably relatively clean game in that. The reps wanted to get out of there too. Tired of looking at their tired of looking at Eli. Everyone's looking at eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four what I have here in my hand because we are the eagles are playing Cam Newton this weekend. Who by the time this season is over Cam Newton will move ahead. Randall Cunningham, I had the top ten rushing quarterbacks in the history of the N F L give me one of those ten in some good conversation. I hope you're sitting down when I tell you what your prize will be not a Serena Williams refrigerator magnet. No, no, no mean Benny up our games, we're talking. Serena Williams key chain here. Bill O chain like a key chain eight eighty Noah keychains, you should be my favorite. Were gas station. They they would have the key like on a cinder block. I never understood that. Who was like plotting and scheming to pull into a gas station. To steal the key. Scummy bathroom, we always stole the locker room keys at the hockey arena..

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