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Now the daily show a news ninety six point five W. E. B. and the second thing is really irks me because I heard the vice president say that you got a PhD you can come right into this country well that's playing it with Republicans wants to pick some immigrants against other immigrants for more wait that's racist right we I don't even know anymore I don't even know what the show third hour idealism professional Dallas on on a faith so he won the debate came last night a man I don't know I think Biden held his own I think Joe brands completely out gabber did okay but I don't believe she's gone anywhere fees for me yeah maybe maybe yeah maybe we should have a bet on the show because I think it could be I Campbell Heris button because they're going after each other pretty hard just because I'm too grading but I as far I you know what I did I would have to say I guess if anybody was to win last night so bad I guess would be Biden this looks like if you look at all the searches that were done during the debate and after the debate Joe Biden was dominant in most of the colored people searching for who is all about is is Joe Biden but I think they want a clarification so the some of his income and a quality stuff that they got talking about there's David to gallop surveys and nobody's nobody cares about that my attack nobody cares they don't care at all at all so that was bad for her Democrats to focus so much on that last night oh my gosh they focused so much on it so the one of the other move look at my notes here because there were a couple and I got a couple of other things that I want to get into the the ratings for the Democrat debate we're down of course they were they were really really down no I don't think a lot of people been I don't think a lot of people are interested in what I most fascinated to see is Sanders Biden and Harris and judge to edge edge all in one thing together so that's what I am most interested in seeing happen that's what will be in September right yeah I mean it's what's supposed to happen in September and they have to actually increase the because not all of these people can get in this debate we need to now start with Elena dot know what honestly no one cares what Jay Inslee says nobody or Michael Bennett es gay Mister Mackey this is sounds like this is the rule I can say this on it last night it was like he sounds like Steve Dr Steve goal for your health the role of the grocer it sounds like Chauncey Riley as Dr Steve Bril so good all my gosh it was good so yeah they're just there this is September is gonna be that'll be interesting there there just going home a campaign at this point Congress is out of session they're not coming back to September it's all good and we'll see what happens after that one of the points that they were making last night when they who was it call here is Angela Bremer heading out at trump and they were specifically talking about the separation of kids at the border which by the way has been a policy that even break predates Obama and trump did it he continued then then he signed executive order and do not listen to this this is another focus as so I believe that we should have a civil violation no president before president trump enforce the law in the way he's enforce it because he's using it as the price to watch women and children to separate mothers and babies to put them behind bars I don't think we should have a law on the books that can be so misused it should be a civil violation and we should make sure that we treat people humanely mom hi am you realize that there was an inspector general report that came out and found a disproportionate number of children were just like sold as the way to explica Florez amendment and get in the United States in fact it's eighty dollars for a baby eighty dollars remaining and it's something that that even those who have been eight of people involved and and the welfare of those crossing the border at their actually concerned about it that's why because they that's why they actually started doing cheek swabs at some of the facilities because they were trying to make sure that these kids were actually who they said they were they were with because of the IG report that came out and it was done by DHS for that year ago to transcend an executive order ending the separation policy so he used and that had been a lioness double slob pre dating even his administration but he signed a an executive order ending at but I will say you need to realize when people are arrested for crimes in this country even if they're detained on a misdemeanor you cannot bring your child with you in a custody same same that's never worked that way it is still crime it's a crime just like it's a crime if I were to walk like live well and they are easy to walk across the Rio walk across three on in Mexico I would be committing a crime anywhere else I'd be committing a crime it's a crime you have to enter illegally and I still can't believe that it's not there's not enough attention focused on first off you don't have to go to the border to file for asylum you can go and you can I mean if they're coming from I don't know whether it's Honduras or Guatemala they can go to and they go through Mexico go through Mexico City you can go through and go to the US embassy there and you can file for asylum you don't you can file for someone in your own country don't have to go to the border to do so you don't have to go to a little port of entry to feature to file for asylum and it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone who files for sale is going to get in either and the other thing is that it's not just we need a better vetting process all the way around because it's not just those instances that we should be concerned about I mean let's not forget one of the nine eleven after a couple of them but one of the nine eleven hijackers got a visa coming in and there was all this discussion about those individuals who are highly trained and they're professionals and a there intact and all this stuff and we wanna make sure that word we're getting these individuals and sort of not really fast tracking them but for the lack of a better way to put it making sure that they're able to get in okay well he was one of those guys so we need of the better vetting process no matter the level we're also being over run at the border but many many many people so why are the Democrats de incentivize like why wouldn't they be incentivize instead they're incentivizing more people coming by decriminalizing and it's only just exasperated problem if they're not they're not fixing anything by decriminalizing illegal cross that it's going to get worse my gosh and you will so greatly in power the cartels because you don't cross and like this is I would talk about before them and I've been down to the border several times I've seen it I know I've talked to the border agents I and can I just say I met out of all the border agents that I've met two of them were just plain old white dudes majority border patrol are actually Hispanic and the families that are disproportionately affected by this are Hispanic those in Hispanic communities that's something that's not really there's not enough of them I think awareness given to those two things it's incredibly important so a couple of things I'm gonna switch gears robot racism this is an actual peace that published over at CNN that's legit the headline the first line have you ever noticed the popularity of white robots whether it's Will Smith iRobot eve from wall E. all kinds of stuff or they look at Boston dynamics they even look at NASA's Valerie all of that they say it's all made of shiny white material and some real life humanoid robots are modeled after what celebrities like Audrey Hepburn Scarlett Johannson and they say the reason for these shades of technological white maybe racism okay like five years ago they have overplayed their hand on racism they're just pushing farther and farther yeah this makes no sense they say F. O. N. A.'s and that one a I bought the real creepy one Sophia they say she was modeled after Audrey Hepburn she's a white real I think she's creepy she doesn't look like a white person she looks like a demon to me she's like a little blue I demand she's crazy looking to me that robot the wanted yeah I was talking about getting autonomy yes the creepy you're literally just the head and shoulders with all your so weird but they said yeah it's it's because you know how are you ever if robots are supposed to function as teachers friends or cares and it's gonna be serious problem of all these rules are only ever occupied by white rock on my gosh I just this is a real thing that we're really losing sleep over I guess they say they want robots in more than just white is there a reason why they're all I think this is totally stupid but is there a reason why don't doesn't matter why did the absence of color no it's the absence of any sort of culture right so the thing is wouldn't robots what's robot culture you just don't have it there's no real what culture so I think they're saying the absence of culture is white then I guess I don't know that sounds too deep to serve basis and I wanna probably have culture you certainly can't appropriate anyone's culture right now according to the rules I don't know everything Patterson everybody's Irish we write it but there's people that really hate that but I just find it funny that that you can't appropriate anymore so the it's the really the absence of culture is what they're trying to align with races I hate the word appropriate because it should be cultural exchange ninety percent of where we are in this world right now everything is so stupid this may seem to us I feel like who's the guy that lay down for a long nap Rumpelstiltskin without him kind of what you know Mike is it gonna be better or just more stupid in the future I don't know gosh I'm gonna be talking to a bunch of young people tonight.

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