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Safe. Is it possible to see more insanity? In fact, is it possible? That the insanity in Olympia Washington Center of the left coast. Has reached peak it is and it will reach around the country. Tell you about it about 60. Seconds after we check traffic with right way traffic. Good morning. So far, Traffic is looking really well. I'm looking at the Valley Freeway and sing a couple of slow spots out of Sumner through Pacific and coming into Can't I'm looking at some slowing on North Bound five approaching 5 16. That's got me a little bit worried. It looks like we may have something here. I don't have reports of an accident or stall and I'm checking Google maps and not saying anything but this slowing that just ends right at 5 16. I'll get back to you and when we figure out what's going on here, That's am 7 70, Katie, th traffic live and local On AM 7 70 K t. Th You're independent, conservative host hot Hermann welcomes you to the Todd Herman show. Today is the day the Lord has made and I am thankful and glad within its and these are the times in which God has decided we will live and it's an opportunity for us to be well. Helpful on a temporal sense..

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