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About three minutes time into a sports car that drove out of the airport and onto the highway. Second prototype with a stronger engine and better range is in the works. The air car is among dozens of efforts all over the world to develop everything from air taxis to commercial jet packs. Flying cars could still become a thing. And maybe sooner than you think. Is this good? Bad or ugly? Vivian? You know, Greg. I grew up watching the Jetsons and so The thought of this At first, you're like, Oh, this is great, but I worry that it's ugly. I mean the innovation. The technology is brilliant. It was amazing watching that video and seeing this thing actually work, like fly in the air and then land and go driving along the road. But maybe it's just because I just finished reading a book about climate change. And I just think this is another thing that wealthy individuals are going to want to have. And it's you know, single person commuting. How many resources is, does it take to build these darn things could we actually spend more time spending more resources on mass transit? Instead of melting the entire earth's glaciers just so we can have a Ricard's running around and also the technology. I mean, I mean, I'm just sitting here thinking driving is the most dangerous thing we do now because everybody's on their cell phones. I can just see all these people talking on their cell phones whizzing around in the air. And what happens when one of these things you know, I can protect myself from crashes just by not getting on the road. But what do you do when these things are like flying up in the air, and they crash right above you and the stuff comes down? I don't know. All right, I sense I should have asked somebody else first. No. Just kidding. Just good, bad or ugly. Charles. Vivian's already made the Jetsons reference. But I want to point out that the flying car that George Jetson had with the push of a button. It folded all the way up into a briefcase that he carried with him into the office and you'll note Wayne. They were still working in offices in whatever Jetsons was set in which, given that the Jets and was created in 19 in the sixties was probably like Oh, I don't know 2000 and three or something some really far off year that they thought it was back then. So, um, I mean, Vivian's right. Think of what traffic is like on like 6 10 nowadays and then ask yourself how much more night marriage that would be if all of those cars were in the air. I mean that arguably you could say, Well, then they won't all be trying to exit at the same place and it won't be as crowded. But yes, they all are ultimately still going to the same destinations. They all are still sharing the same space. And the crashes are going to be inevitable, and Vivian's right will betide the person who's underneath When your neighbors flying Porsche crashes into somebody else's flying SUV. It's going to be ugly, and we have no idea what to do with it. In theory, flying car sounds great in practice, Build me an umbrella that can protect me from the debris. That's what I'm asking, Okay. Let's see if it's three for three. And I think we've really shattered Craig's dreams here. Just just a little bit. Wayne Drama drama just to go back to your Your Incredible question, Charles. Why, though, hashtag? Why, though? If we're going to have quote flying cars? That means as Vivian pointed out very well, we're going to have People drive flying those cars. So that means you're texting drivers. You're drunk drivers, your teen drivers how out of control? Could this possibly get? It's amazing to me because even now you know, we look up and we see a big, beautiful sky. But even now, especially in your metropolitan areas, the skies are full with planes. And so to imagine having car traffic up there. I mean, it would just be wild like who is going to regulate all of that? Who's gonna be the air traffic controller for that? That would be crazy. I can't imagine this going well, and especially if the car can only fly for, like, 35 minutes. And that ain't getting you over the Atlantic folks. It should be noted that if when we get to the point of having Technologically sufficiently advanced cars that can fly. We would probably also have, by this point.

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