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The people who support the idea that one plus one equals two controversially said eddie eddie murray is a the police of being told that they're out there you know there are two sides to every story on this listen for those views who in any doubt whatsoever either in the form of science correspondent for the new york times published a an entire book about this he said we've sequenced the genome the chinese are doing it the americans are doing we know and this is the technical scientific care way to express if if you want to repress people there is a statistical sense in which race is real based on our ability to read and understand and sequenced the human genome and on the number of the the amount of genetic information that we have been able to collect and process and catalogue as a species as a you know a either the sum total of science there is a statistical sense in which race is real what that means is when you look when you look at somebody's dna you can tell where they came from this is amazing i love it are there any other beautiful crazy things that telling the police so say others believed that breeds it's a socially constructed concept to disrupt the two thirds and their pure of human mayor american ethical logic textbooks and that the idea of great faith and culture and not biology a construct with peta's now embedded in our everything live it's coming slipups he'll cherry training standards bureau for new officers and year that is so depressed would you sent me a copy of vat could you sent because you can youths do you seminal snap of that maybe if you could you could you email it to me i would love to see it sure thank you if you could just sent it to use in its milo at milo dash inc dot com is milo at milo dash inc dot com i'm i would love that attache catchall thank you so much in endless have a conversation off privately because i don't wanna get you into too much trouble um if now during ram definitely have to stay neutral them that's how life at the bottom up by we have to say neutral just like come the.

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