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<music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> Hello everybody <Speech_Male> well <Speech_Male> regular listeners <Speech_Male> to something who <Speech_Male> will no doubt already <Speech_Male> be familiar with <Speech_Male> my particular <Speech_Male> brand of <Speech_Male> semi competence <Speech_Male> and another another <Speech_Male> example of that has recently <Speech_Male> transpired so <Speech_Male> rather than <Speech_Male> preorder seasons <Speech_Male> twenty three <Speech_Male> and twenty six in the <Speech_Male> contrive <Speech_Male> to order <Speech_Male> season. twenty-three <Speech_Male> twice and <Speech_Male> so now I have two copies <Speech_Male> of it and <Speech_Male> any space for one. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> I'm offering the other one is a giveaway <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> poor may appear to <Speech_Male> have been a poor <Speech_Male> effort on my part <Speech_Male> that be good. Good luck the rest <Speech_Male> of you <Speech_Male> so that I want <Speech_Male> to do. This is to <Speech_Male> give listeners. <Speech_Male> The best chance <Speech_Male> to prophet. <Speech_Male> And so <Speech_Male> I'm asking <Speech_Male> a couple of questions <Speech_Male> about recent recent episodes <Speech_Male> of the <Speech_Male> podcast and if you can <Speech_Male> answer those <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> send your answers <Speech_Male> to our <Speech_Male> new email address <Speech_Male> which is <Speech_Male> something who <Speech_Male> will one word <Speech_Male> at GM <Speech_Male> x dot us <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> then <Speech_Male> the end <Speech_Male> of a week. I'll <Speech_Male> pick one <Speech_Male> random and <Speech_Male> you'll <Speech_Male> have the blue right <Speech_Male> simple as that <Speech_Male> so the first question <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> is in <Speech_Male> our episode <Speech_Male> five point five <Speech_Male> the chat <Speech_Male> with Jack Raina. <Speech_Male> Who did? She say <Speech_Male> she'd been me. Speaking <Speech_Male> to recently about <Speech_Male> missing episodes <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> on <Speech_Male> the second question <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> in the Chat <Speech_Male> I had with <Speech_Male> Andrew Ireland <Speech_Male> about take mission <Speech_Male> to the unknown remake. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> He mentioned there were two <Speech_Male> stories that he <Speech_Male> was interested in following <Speech_Male> up with them. One of those <Speech_Male> was dollars master plan <Speech_Male> but what was the <Speech_Male> other one <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Speech_Male> okay so <Speech_Male> once you think you've got the <Speech_Male> answers to those two <Speech_Male> semi <Speech_Male> through to the <Speech_Male> email address <Speech_Male> something who <Speech_Male> gm x <Speech_Male> dot us. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> as <Speech_Male> I say the end of a week <Speech_Male> I'll pick a winner <Speech_Male> simple as that <Speech_Male> and we'll be <Speech_Male> back in. <Speech_Male> Maybe a couple of weeks <Speech_Male> with a new episode <Speech_Male> of something

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