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The casinos do they want to show shorter there i when i used to do casinos the calf again he i only want an hour because they want them back ambling yet it's the weis crackers one is more like a regular ninetyminute comedy show what i know one i worked of our god it's an hour and fifteen and if you go along they get very aggravated because they they want those people out there gaining gaming yes and so camplin you know that the casinos keep a list of their entertainers the they know i don't know what you would i how to put put this they know who the entertainers whose audiences gambled more than others you have it oba you know they have like a queue rating for celebrities like their their popularity among you know that this the late actress at inaugurating of these celebrities to see uh what if tate donovan is going to pull in a lot of people to the tonight show you know they know what so they have a rating of comedians now you could be the biggest thing going and draw a huge crowd yeah and you're crowd is cheap skates they don't gamble after the show but if you have a comparable comedian say like let's let's pick like a kathy griffin right maybe she only sells half the room but her people spend a lot of money at the casino yeah so they're willing to pay her more than the guy who sells out yeah i've heard that leave until comedy clubs an owner told me that they had an act that would sell out and he said the number one purchased from his fans was a diet sprite so it wasn't worth gave you'd rather people come in who thrown the cash around eur eight three three eight five two four eight six six if you have any questions for joe devito or comments you can we can talk about the dossier and we're going to be talking about a working from home when we come back on the tom do show tom do says totally drew three eight function fourtou three three eight five two four eight six six home shilue.

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