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Thanks to the bump so those are kind of correlated. Maybe it's a henry touchdown for the win his first who knows. But we got those two on the board your sex second pick. I'm getting back to my old. My old ways browns plus six why. I looked at the board last week early this week. And i saw titans minus six and i went. Wow i love that so for that reason. I went against that because that seems to work more often than not when it comes to me betting so i'm taking the browns with the points. That's the only logic i have for you if you can't feed yourself you're not a better. It's as simple as you gotta know when like we thought this would be a key spot and were also frauds like anything can happen right exactly all right and then to close it out. What better way to close out of people's parliament money. The money line coming off of a win and a big win. It's an absolute trap spot for atlanta. It's an awful play. But the falcons were good to me last week. And i am very. I really think that tastes hill is bad like really values. So and the falcons. I liked them against the saints. The first time they played. I think they just played like two times in four weeks and the saints one so i really do. Love the falcons here. So my boogies. People's parliament chargers money line hunter henry. To score a touchdown. Browns six falcons money lying charity. Three or two hundred at mybookie dot is put an absolute showed exports a lighter celebration. I do have a bonus pick. I do have a bonus pick my bonus pick if the bonus picture obviously always futures. It's just the it's just a buy low sell high situation which which other. Nfc team are you betting on. It's as simple as this the baltimore ravens to win the super bowl. It's i caught it last year on the chiefs and this is as the ravens. Were running today. I said the chiefs they were at plus seven hundred same spot plus seven hundred. I said that is a criminal line. They're coming there the title favorites before mom's hurt nothing has changed. It's patrick mom. Get a plus. Seven hundred i know is going to win. No it came down to a launch by mahomes and they end up being the niners but it's the value ravens to win. The super bowl is the best future value on the board. I'm saying saying plus twenty seven hundred right now plus twenty seven hundred twenty seven to one odds for a team. If you go through the simulation of projections of who's gonna make the playoffs. The ravens still pretty comfortable. We went to their schedule. They can get. Hot is a twenty seven to one team. That's going to have to go wild card division. Afc championship super bowl. Gonna lock no but value wise. Look at the other teams abe all name the teams at twenty two one that you would rather be holding ticket of than the raven the twenty seven to one. These are the title favorites coming into the titans pills and ravens are in the twenty two one range who who probably the titans really say. I think like i'm live. I'm lying right like you would rather hold toilet paper then. A titans future ticket to win a playoff game because they knocked the ravens out again short but could they. I'm just lying i would. So that's my bonus big. I'm going to be throwing fat on it. Like like the joe biden fat. Like joe biden fat. The only other thing and i did calculations was a money line rollover. So if you're not familiar with the money line rollover for everyone who's listening instead of taking a futures bet. I can essentially say like once they get to the playoffs. I can bet on them to win the first game. Take that money. Bet on the second game on the third game so it does kind of minimize your risk in case. They don't get to the playoffs in case like let's say they won the first game. But lamar gets hurt in the fourth quarter like it does minimize risk. Of course the odds could change but at this point twenty seven at one odds i just gotta do it gotta so that's my bones. Pick thirteen nfl. Abe you need to win to the next three or elsewhere even on my longer bet because the eagles have dropped whatever you thought they were gonna win games. I told you what kind the packers were. Actually not gonna waste a lot of time. You don't like the eagles. they did. Screw me though. Good teams gratings. Cover the great teams in carson great teams to cover yes philadelphia. Eagles head to lambeau this week I saw video of a guy playing. What song was you know. The song the aspca commercial in the arms of an angel in the sad song the dogs the tv. It was me every sunday. And it's that in the background him just crying while putting on neil's jersey and walk into the couch that's what it's become from s- Monday was the seahawks game. Now is some of the worst coach football i've ever watched in my life by doug. Peterson The eagles have the second. I don't know if you knew the statue of will help you sleep tight night. The eagles have the second most expensive rosser in the nfl currently and their three seven and one do so. There's a lot you guys are always out fire. Doug fire howie roseman. But there was always so much love for roseman with his manipulation of the cap. What has kind of been the turn of the turning. Point is the one thing isn't as turning point is let me talk about the west thing for a second because a report came out about how other executives and pro scouts wouldn't give up on carson wentz. Which i i do agree with. Think about this. In re. In in probability what is the likelihood that that type of fall from grace that carson one tad from when he was the prohibited favourite to win the mvp to now being legitimately the worst starter in the nfl her but was how. How unlikely is that like to me. It's a disconnect between how he rose down coach. I put it on disconnected all three levels. Howie roseman trades a high fourth round. Pick for gerard. Avery does all these little deal. Signs free agents like maliki. Jackson giovanni hargrave impact.

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