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Go to American Eagle dot com or call 8 7 7 web now one that's 8 7 7, web 9 one. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 9 15, let's go to rob wood fork. All right, Dmitry. I was about to say for a rivalry the capitals and penguins if politely take and turn scoring and just moments ago there was a fight on the ice, so there goes that. The caps though lead two to one midway through the third period in Washington, Marcus Johansson with the go ahead goal just over 5 minutes into this period. Danton Hyman with a scoring for Pittsburgh in the second and Alex Ovechkin's first period goal opening the scoring in this contest. It has been big shots advantage for Washington as it tends to be 39 to 27. So far, there are one for two on the power play and they kill the only penalty that they've had so far on the college hardwood, the Maryland women, a winner over Michigan 72 64 in a battle of Big Ten ranked teams turnovers told the tale as the terps force the wolverines at a 24 turnovers they had a 25 to 5 advantage in points off turnovers that I'm in Miller, big part of that 5 steals to go with their game I 23 points before fouling out, lavender Briggs, off the bench to score 14 to help Maryland to its fourth straight win, tenth in their last 11 games. James Madison men blew an 18 point lead, but they would hold on for 75, 69 win over coastal Carolina to improve the 5 and four in conference. The NBA All-Star Game captains have been announced, the LeBron James is one as he has been in all 6 years of this format and Giannis Antetokounmpo is a captain for the third time in his career. The first NFL head coaching domino has finally fallen as he Carolina Panthers have chosen Frank Reich over interim coach Steve Wilkes, who's representative said today, quote we are shocked and disturbed by the move, and that quote there's a legitimate race problem in the NFL that will be addressed in the coming days. 9 17, Virginia's Supreme Court has reversed a jury's decision to award a $1 million in damages to the family of a man shot and killed during a 2019 standoff with police.

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