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KF WB member killed, sir. News ninety eight now and request this tune well became number one at least in California number one. They're coming to high school. This is still. Yeah. Yeah. We're we're as seventeen. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Now, there was obviously a deadman's curve as a head of theirs. And then there's a very tragic accident where Chan Kenny lead. Great. He hit like a gardener's truck in like a flatbed truck in like a poor red or something he was barely hit. Or he was a fast driver on just loved fast cars and drove him hard every day. He was in a corvette. And he was at deadman's curve, which is the big curve just entering UCLA on sunset share and on a semi or a tanker was turning left any went under it, and he was four years old after that. Well, how old was he during the accident early twenties? Yeah. Started early. There's been at least one or two like TV movies about the sort of life in time to Channon dean. So Jan so smart. He was not only did he parlay that into several albums, but he was about to graduate from California medical school with an MD degree before that during the actually I think last year med school. So going out every weekend, concerts, you know. Wow. All right. Well, we'll we'll talk about the beach boys in the rip courts a little bit later. James? I want to get back to James Brolin here. So okay. You know, some show biz guys a little bit. There's a little dabbling. What would your dad think about you? If you nnounced you wanna dact ten thousand one chance against you. Right. So he degree is reversed. Right. So he he wants you to go out and do something a little more pragmatic. Oh, yes. A wind. Does acting. I'll tell you what. He's he did. He said, okay. You start at UCLA, and I'll pay for your gas. And your lunches. So I was at UCLA for about six months theater arts major, and that was my second. I was first at Santa Monica City, College and then transferred to UCLA when he gave me a Bill is here. Here's how much only so far. A change my life change my life. Then then my dad was really an asshole from then. Broke that's play in life in pieces on trying to parlay this. You know, you love him. He's you're dead. You know, you level and nine now level the things that he taught me, but hand me a Bill that really changed my life and might have literally made my career, but I went to. Okay. This is what I'm gonna do an actor now. And I got a commercial with dodge driving a truck. And the matter of fact, they approached me on a street. I was I was going to say young wasn't at a time. You were strikingly handsome young, man. It was time. When people would discover, very aesthetically strong, looking male and females and probably I mean, you know, Paul giamati had to earn his way onto the snow Yance in fashion. Right. But but back then we just went look, it's it's not rocket science. You got memorize a couple line. We don't we don't need a ton of emoting get the best people we can find and just put them tell them to hit their Mark and discovered you. I mean, you're just walking down the street the street. Somebody said would you be interested in doing a commercial? I wouldn't have to talk would. I I literally said that. And they said matter of fact, not you just we got a cowboy hat and driving dodge truck. That's all. So I did the thing. And then they call. This was BB Dino largest company in America for commercials. Right. And they call me back to do another one. Right. Kind of like a sequel San guy driving the truck. And when I was there an agent came up to me. And so they seem to like you, you know, we'd like to represent you. So the next thing, I know, I'm doing gala wine commercial and the Screen Actors Guild as saying, okay? Well, you're not Taft Hartley anymore. You owe us six hundred dollars for mbership..

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