Dylan Maxwell, Mount Rushmore, FOX discussed on Glenn Beck


Greg Abbott is declaring a public mask mandate effective today and in Chicago is now requiring travelers from certain hot spots to quarantine for two weeks. This will impact people from 15 different states. Fox is Ashley Strohmeyer in Florida. The mayor of Miami Dade County has issued an overnight curfew that begins tonight. Re openings are also being scaled back. The health care system in Miami, which has been the state's hot spot all along, opened up a closed down hospital to use for covert patients. Boxes have been brown. There won't be much social distancing near Mount Rushmore tonight, President Trump will be there hosting 1/4 of July celebration. Protesters also expected Native American activists plan to protest the president's appearance at Mount Rushmore. They want the carving of four American presidents removed, claiming the land was stolen. Fox is Rachel Sutherland. Anger on the streets of Portland, Oregon, where police say to government buildings were damaged by demonstrators overnight. Several arrests were made. Police who declared a riot say protesters threw rocks, cans of food and fireworks anthem She wants to be heard A woman who claims she was sexually abused by late financier Jeffrey Epstein and his longtime confidante, Dylan Maxwell says she'd be willing to testify against Maxwell, who was arrested yesterday. Paint me coming forward. Encourages other victim Thie indictment against Maxwell accuses her of recruiting and grooming girls as young as 14 for sexual abuse. Maxwell has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. America's listening to Fox News still had an accident, blocking the.

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