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We just got a coin market cap let's pick and for those eu new to this is just a website that lists all the criville current are the most the cryptocurrencies in order so right now you can see bitcoin is at sixteen thousand five hundred ninety eight two hundred seventy seven billion marquette then you've got a theory i'm bitcoin cash i oda ripple light coin let's look through here are when you're trading are you looking past the top ten usually of course okay so let's keep going good where we're looking when you go a unchanged dean picks theme it's just once himself k so we're going here the margin cat positive number thirty exactly is one called steam it's at a dollar 94 okay it's gotta almost a half a billion mark at four hundred seventy eight minutes really cool brother steve yes theme is kind of like the decentralised read it kind of advantage to now if you went from asian nick money by posting good content okay are you guys are here we can see the volume you can see the volume the only for it so what are you looking at we'll does your volume right there say it out just in case they that's eleven million us dollars or eleven half million usdollars or seven hundred in one bitcoin i that's comfortable woman that's good volume that what are you look for what's too low to lowe's 100 bickering going through there i'm not comfortable with our okay so if it's a hundred this is at seven hundred big one anything under a hundred in for william for him trading for his own account is shitty that's too low they'll get it can't get it in our out fast enough something happened we're on coin market cash dot com.

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