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That is a true jiang right it's mass no control everett this this is i just seem to much baseball i'm telling you seem too much baseball your smarter than that i look at it is a tramp shaw is but i believe this year st have and look i i am right there with you buy balls going to be great the dodgers are winning the world series it is all a bucket a kittens as you would say you're in law said you never guaranteed a championship or did you guarantee championship at birth lakers two thousand nine two thousand ten say oh yeah it's a done deal were winning the cia oh forget it were the nba champion i i i don't think everyone working form i have to be a little more cautious of your conform behind they'll call you and say what are you doing but a true story about that and i didn't tell the truth the story about redefine the randy levine we both of them okay so here's the first one and by the way there is a very very interesting article in the usa today by jeff still get about lebron james jeff zilg it will join us at 115 if you're a laker fan be here at 115 that's all i'm gonna tell you all right i i will tell the fun story get right so this is years and years hailed dave singer who now running the nfl network he's ceo the nfl network ses was producing our place ruptured could yet he so we have three laker girls in studio they're promoting some type of charity event the and randy fund is the head coach of the lakers at the time and we go to commercial and singer walks in and he says hey girls thanks for coming in really appreciate your communique.

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