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So to just make a surprise but to protect the would gains wetering than what i wanted to do here francis tells a bit more of a new eu aborting bukina false with tell us what were you basin in which sort of projects are you usually involved i was born in burkina fasso in west africa in the little village i'm so i got to scholarship to go to germany to study and so i studied architecture unto starting to build ima home village started at a student to build a school to to to create an access for many media either kits to education and sold by korea was was started without knowing yet that it will bring me to what london i am still working a lot in burkina fasso in many other places in africa but as in the west and were economically seen in european immunity car and then some ideas coming from china to finally being from burkina fasso diffult that you have yet to represent your country kind of every single known from brazil if you feel the same way as well as you can of an investigator for your country noah's somehow coming from a given country you are always present at you for that culture for that country i was happy enough to go to school and to learn to to attend education and into to become an architect and to breach britsh to western were with my home country so it creates something new something modern made out of my profession saw.

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