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They were outscored by five in seven minutes there. But that wasn't that wasn't the margin in the same way that it was before and part of that was. I thought not perfect minutes. But i thought hooligan helped helped out and the staggering of embiid shifting. His minutes around created some truly weird offensive collections for the sixers and there were points when they got a couple stops that they were able to get offense and transition but simmons and howard being out there together and ivy. There was one time where tobias harris tried to do a drive and he actually got a little bit of separation but then he couldn't get anywhere because we're already four guys standing in the paint. Yeah it was definitely difficult. Be neither team. Could hit anything from in the fact honestly. The hawks probably should have won the series by more in the end. Like i felt like they should have one game six They should have won game. Four by more And like they shot the three ball terribly in the series for what's essentially a good three point shooting team and bogdonovich was basically a shell by the end. Obviously they didn't even have one hundred begin with embiid. I mean. I think we can kinda shift to just it will. Obviously we got plenty of time before wednesday to talk about hawks. Box by the way your Championship favourite milwaukee bucks by the way even more so now maybe than they were after last night or the. I certainly think that the sons would give them a very good story and could win that but embiid the injury. I think definitely hurt. You know we didn't get to see him. Go against a real defense in this blouse. The hawks found ways and capella. It got better as the series went along. But you can say it was the injury which obviously is part of the whole calculation with joel embiid as well as you try to think about how good he is and you know this game. He was thirty one points. Eleven twenty one seven to ten from the foul line but he had a turnovers and so he wasn't really able whether it's the injury or just the nature of being a senator and having to play as many minutes as he has to and wearing down or maybe not being still in the greatest condition of that he ultimately didn't do enough in this series and yes he wasn't the worst culprit. He wasn't playing that far below norms. But for this sixers team to be a championship contender. He had to play like the best player in basketball. Like he. kinda dead during the regular season and unimpeded unambiguously the best part in the series and embiid was that but then the other times that he was not and for embiid like there there were significant moments in this game where he is his room. Deterrence was was a real thing and that atlano work taking. They weren't taking their shots spook them. Sometimes even when embiid was not there but then there were at the beginning of the third quarter trae was able to generate. Looks not for himself but by getting and this isn't entirely mb tall some of it is the separation that trae young was getting but he was able to draw 'em being away a little bit and then they were able to get baskets at In for example in the third quarter six of seven for atlanta they're inequality where they couldn't make three. They were over four from long distance. And so i'm not saying like is the reason that that all that stuff happened but he wasn't able to prevent it. The hawks figured out a couple of little tricks that it's you you exploited and that's also something we've talked about in terms of the limitations of a rim protector of central defense and so embiid had his dominant moments. And in this game. I you know he there were there. Were points where it's like. Oh they don't really have much stop in my thought it especially in the very early going and beads offense which really good and he was getting all the shots on cappella but overall in the second half and got fouled a few times but three shots in the paint six midrangers four threes and he shot well on those. But you could see that. He wasn't that that's what he wanted. And that's what you would ever going crazy on the live. Show where like capello's conceded a couple of the shots and then when gala nari nari did concede it but then embiid didn't take it. Get the steel that changes the game and gallo probably needs to get some more credible. I thought his first quarter. Or maybe like you know probably. Has i five six minutes. That he was in was just atrocious. Defensively at a bunch of places. We didn't know who he had. He was not closing out on guys away. Needed to use getting blown by. Add a couple of just atrocious. Mrs on jumpers early but then after that he hit six of eleven three of seven from three he was able to get just enough ice work on george hill to just give them a couple of points. It wasn't it wasn't like oh man that we're going to run the offense through him all the time but just with trae out of the game just to get a couple of buckets there. I mean in a game where. Every bucket counted also nate mcmillan. I thought coached a pretty good game. This time he learned. I think from leaving trae young on the bench too long in the fourth quarter game six went back to him after affiliate went on a run for you know really i think it was only a minute and a half or so that trait rusted. He played forty three minutes. Which is probably the most he realistically could have. Played a in this game seven. So i thought he managed he managed mcdonagh bitch wall. Got him just a couple of minutes. They needed someone to just eat. Those innings played a little defense tobias harris to start the game. But also you know didn't fall in love with them. Went with gallo at the three. Just going to gallo at the three at all in this series rather than solomon hill or tony snell. Both of whom didn't play while. Obviously but you know he got to that really by game three. That was the way he went to play. Gallo three and against this particular team. That was able to work out. So i thought i don't. I wouldn't say that. Like doc rivers coached a bad series in this game. You know people talk pointed to some collapses like game five south but That he should have done more. But i think it's again if you had to put it on the coach or the limitations of the roster. I i'm putting it on the limitations of the roster i well. That's a good transition into ben simmons and we could start with the staff that tom average show tweeted out. That ben simmons took three field goals in the attempts in the fourth quarter of this entire series and that was to in game one which he made and one in game three no shots from the field in four five six seven. And i thought what are the most telling moments of this entire hall man. This was atrocious. Was when simmons got it was with gallinari. Gallon goes for what you. And i had a little bit different theories on it but i thought it was galadari. Basically saying okay. I'm going to swipe for the steel. And if i don't get steel i'm going to and i don't care instead. Neither of those happens. Simmons has a wide open dunks. Closest guy to him is trae. Young and simmons doesn't go up for the dunk doesn't try anything. He just dumps it off to takaiser. I wanna say was actually write. It wasn't able that's true. It's not even it's like a great i mean the esa. He's got it. He been position at dunkin. Who's right in the remedy certainly could have just laid it in and he sees trae coming over. Who's just going to go for a stripper. something probably would have just fouled him but he was terrified. He just didn't want to go up. He didn't wanna get fouled. I think he is always loathed to put thoughts in other people's heads when we talk about this but you can't conclude anything else in that situation and he had a number of hot potato plays every once in a while you'd see him try and push it and but because you're as as his teammate if he's just going to stand along the baseline old on i did have the thirteen assists but most that was just starting the offense quote unquote starting the offense with like a hand off to curry. Who would then go into a pick and roll her hand off with embiid and then kind of getting out of the way or decent in transition but him actually attacking to try and put the basketball in the basket. The point of basketball was so few and far between and then every once in a while we do it but like his teammates aren't prepared for him to do that. Like you got to have an understanding of what your teammates normally do in a situation so when he did attack you know..

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