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In a statement. Amazon said it had zero tolerance of abuse of it systems and is conducting a thorough investigation. It added that any employees precipitated could face not only losing their jobs, but potential legal and criminal penalties. Jonathan savage is coming up to four twenty GMT. Reminder of our main news typhoon men Kuta slashed parts of southern China about two and a half million people were vaccinated from their homes in Guangdong province leading Democrats have called for a delay. In the vote on Brett Kavanagh, President Trump's nominee for the US supreme court until allegations of sexual misconduct against him are investigated and Amazon is investigating claims that its employees accepted bribes from independent sellers to delete negative reviews. You're listening to the BBC World Service. He spent years in jail, but now Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim is getting ready to contest parliamentary seat, and he hopes to be installed as prime minister within two years by his old nemesis. Matia Muhammad the ninety three year old one a shock reelection in may after he and Mr. Anwar had made up and teamed up to defeat would they saw as a corrupt government? Sharon Lyle caught up with Anwar Ibrahim and asked him why he was impatient. To return to Malaysian politics, contrary to the negative perceptions. My presence ensure the stability the clear transition process and these excellent relations with the president prime minister, Andy. Next. And I think that's what the country needs given the present economic and political scenario that's been criticism about how the parliamentary seat has been vacated for you many saying that your daughter should've vacated his seat in Parlamento line for one is who is currently serving as deputy, prime minister. And that this is the stall to potentially dynasty and it smacks of nepotism. So what do you have to say to that criticism? We have only gave a categorical statement that the the issue. Cremation as would leave office that Smith clear, so why didn't she leave now because I told Dr Maha they intend to serve in the government entity. He appreciates it because I think I need to give him the space for him to take the major task. We just know quiet of a stronger leader, and that we need to support already. There's lots of speculation that. The economic affairs minister might be groomed for the prime minister role silly confident that in two years from the time is up. In the democratic process is nothing off of Joseph of power, there'd be caught intrigues said. But as I seat in my personal with the prime minister, and with the leadership of the puck that relation this absolutely no basis whatsoever. The agreement was signed and this. Ball with Maha is excellent. How can you be so cold? Didn't it will stay coordial when we meet. We tend to joke about it. We wouldn't an excellent team unprecedented in the history of many countries, then before of his battle again. Off modern times bitter, personal angry, Chris. But then we decided look the continues a change and we have to work together. We both a love the country is just like saving the country and to do that we decided to team up. They talked to him every day. Not every day. Of course, I want to be to be deemed to be had a singing all the time. But at least once a fortnight long sessions, and otherwise I would. Mccall, and he has been extremely code and give an excellent access to me. Anwar Abraham talking to Sharon Lyle, President Vladimir Putin is due to meet his Turkish counterpart registered how you doin' later to discuss the Syrian crisis their previous talks failed to agree a ceasefire in Italy province, the last major rebel stronghold Turkey back some but not all of the opposition groups in it live and has troops stationed there. Russia along with Iran strongly supports the Syrian government from Beirut your land Nell reports negotiations between Russia and Turkey have continued since a summit in Tehran ten days ago ended with disagreements and after a series of air strikes when a Syrian government offensive to recapture it lib looked imminent the last few days have been relatively calm. President one has warned that a full scale assault would result in a bloodbath and send a new wave of refugees into his country. Turkish officials have been cooling targeted operations against the Jihadist group which control. Most of the province like, Damascus and Moscow, Ankara classes, it's fighters. As terrorists Turkey has recently sent reinforcements to a dozen military posts, it has within it lip. You'll now Stewart has some other stories from our news desk. The president of Peru Martine is Kara has threatened to dissolve congress. If it fails to approve a number of anti corruption reforms this week. He's convened an extraordinary session of both houses of congress on Wednesday to debate the changes to the constitution proposed by his cabinet. Mr Karas says the measures are necessary to address the political and judicial crisis in the country. A new study suggested sooty particles in polluted air breathed in by pregnant women can reach the placenta through the bloodstream, the research focused on particular cells in the placenta that formed part of the body's immune system and protect the developing fetus by engulfing bacteria and pollution particles. The team studied more than three thousand such sales from the placenta of five London-based new mothers and found patches of tiny carbon particles and the British Singaporean account is back on top of the charts with his first solo number one album in the United States in thirty six years with Egypt station, the seventy six year old Bacardi experiments with a younger rock field. In addition to his classic Beatles. Sound there you go? Thanks to it. Last week Ethiopians, retrain celebrated the reopening of two key crossing points than twenty years after a border war. Shut them. It's the latest move the rapprochement between the neighbors and means families divided by the conflict. Are now able to visit each other a peace deal ending the border war was signed in two thousand but was never fully implemented McLean and THEO paean born US based singer who recently performed at a music festival here in the UK Martin Vinod asked her out she felt about the latest developments. I feel incredibly optimistic. I mean, this is a great moment for Ethiopia right now with the new prime minister and this piece. It feels like a relief like a weight lifted. It feels like, you know, just the joy of watching so many videos of reunions reunifications family that had been separated able to come together. Again, it is just such a hopeful moment, and it's also been beautiful to watch the world enjoying those videos those stories because we all long for reconciliation, whether it is big way between countries or whether it is whatever rifts have hit our own lives, we long for reconciliation. And so those stories those videos that we've all been seeing just feel like anything is possible. I go back to your pretty regularly RBIs there last September. And I was there the June before that and I'm going again in November. And this time, I'm bringing my whole band. And that's something that's very important to me because I have a big fan base in Ethiopia. And of course, my family is also there so those two things together make it just the natural thing to do. Performing in era. Yes. I absolutely would if that was possible. Then I absolutely would I I have a friend who organizes concerts, and she's an Eritrean woman living in Hamburg and. This might make that dream that she's had in that. She's invited me into her dream of performing this. Now makes that all the more possible..

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