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Pregame hears the voice of the Hoosiers. On Fisher from branch were cracking quarter. The Simon's got Assembly hall on the campus in Wilmington. This is Indiana University Basketball Sampedro, the Hoosiers attempt to end a three game losing streak and their home court Aziz a welcome the eighth rank Hawkeye's of the University of Iowa. Hello again, everybody. I'm don official love With Eric Story. Joe Smith one a year the fans haven't been allowed to attend Big 10 basketball games. The lack of it. Attendant seemingly is affected Indiana as much, if not more so than any team in the conference. I use now four and four in home games this year after dropping a hard fought battle with 12th, ranked Illinois on Tuesday, 75 to 71 that third loss in the last four games. All here in the Hall has virtually all of the Hoosier faithful, shaking their heads and disappointment at the midway point of Big 10 play. Meanwhile, I was having its own problems after Indiana. Set them 2.5 weeks ago in Iowa City. Hot guys have sandwiched tomb or losses around a single win, including Wednesday's defeated Carver Hawkeye Arena. Toe. Ohio State 89 85. That's a feat has dropped the Hawks overall record of 13 and five if they're big 10 marks seven and four, which now has them in fifth place in the conference standings. Well, Eric Sure, it's quite evident that both of these teams we're in a desperate need for victory today to change the negative trend that each his deal What I agree with you there, don this league this big 10 league. It is so easy to go on losing streets from top to bottom. Thistle's a stacked league. That's got talent. Great coaching on really good teams from front to back soaps. Both of these teams are staring in the face of a losing streak and you cannot go on deep losing streaks in conference play and hope to compete for a big 10 championship. I agree with you 100%. Both of these teams are going to be extremely mode. Baited, picked themselves off the mat and try to get a victory here this afternoon have revenge to be a little factor, too, for the hot guys because Indiana started this little streak of theirs. That little struggle that they have been having of late and Indiana played its best game of the year and I was sitting, I agree with you there, I That was one of Indiana's best defensive performances We've seen this season, especially in the second half against Iowa. Indiana completely took away the three point shot, and this hockey team loves to play the inside out game, But this is a three point Shooting basketball team. They can score in Bunches inside with Lucas Garza. But if you could take away the three point shot that makes this offense very limited. That's exactly what Indiana did. Just a few games ago against Iowa. Indiana took away the three pointer made the Iowa Hawkeye offense one dimensional in Indiana went on a huge run in that second half I I agree with you. Revenge is going to be the word here that I was gonna be talking about in the locker room to come out against Indiana on their home court. I was gonna be looking to come away with Victor here. Here's the other thing that is worrisome from Indiana's perspective today, Jordan Bohannon, who one of the most prolific three point shooters in the history of the Big 10, number one and number two. He has tremendous this year, hitting 45% of his threes and Big 10 play. Jordan Boy handed didn't hit a single three in the contest against Indiana United. We're city. If he gets going today, things could change. You know, It's funny how college basketball goes, You know, you see a player like George Bohannon. He doesn't make a three against you. And now, all of a sudden, you think he's gonna make 10 in the next game? You just got that feeling. I was actually watching this. I will basketball team just a couple days ago against Ohio State, hoping that they would win so they wouldn't be too angry today against Indiana. Think if anything, you've got to be ready for a really motivated mad about Revenge tasting type Iowa basketball team and Jordan. Rohan and Don is a terrific three point shooter in the end, did a great job in that first game, running him off his spot. And I think that's going to be the key here defensively, not only against Bohannon, but against guys like Joey's. Can't Lucas Garza. Whoever it is that I was got out there in the back court or want to take three point shots. Indiana has got to be great here today being very aggressive, closing out 23 point shooters high hands and make this back for from Iowa done. Drive the ball to the basket. Thies guys could score a bunch of points, but they're not really good at driving and finishing through contact. They're either going to score through Lucas Garza down low or they're going to score shooting wide open spot up three point shots They do with great job passing the basketball, but this is not a drive and score around the rim basketball team and I think And if anything, that's what Indiana needs to do this afternoon, That's what Hoosiers did a great job in the first match up against Iowa. You've got to be really aggressive guarding the three pointer here. Otherwise I will will completely destroy it. I mean, this is one of the best shooting basketball teams in all of college basketball and one of their key shooter, CJ Frederick, the SAP. Warren. This Iowa Ball club is out again. Today he has been Bothered by a lower leg, Ege Ray, We're not exactly sure what that injury is. I was given an indication that it might be a foot of some kind. But whatever the case, he is still on the bench is resting his warmups here today, but he hasn't been out on the floor to shoot or do anything like that. So they're trying to get him healthy again for a stretch run here at the end of the season, and he is a tremendous, tremendous shooter. He is 50% for the season 26 of 52 don, but the one thing about Frederick that's different from some of these other ill Guards. Now what? Can you shoot the three? But if you come out and close out on him too aggressively, he's a guard that can one to dribble. Pull up on you, which adds that extra dimension of this, I'll offense without him in the game you can see here. Iowa has struggled a bit. I mean, they're still scoring points, but I don't think they're nearly as dynamic and without Frederick in the game in that second half against Indiana, Indiana was really able to lock down on those three point shooters. And really, I will offensively did not have any type of answers for this Indiana defense. Man, I'll tell you what, though. It's tough to keep this I'll offense down for long. I mean, they score in Bunches Asai mentioned before they want a better offensive teams in all of college basketball Indiana defensively here, this afternoon's gonna have their hands full. You know, Coach Miller and his staff will be ready. The question is, Can the players execute the game plan like they did in the second half of the first match up against Iowa? And here's the thing about the first matchup, Indiana's two bigs race Thompson and Trace Jackson Davis got in foul trouble. Both of them got in foul troll. Which we said that was gonna be a critical factor in the game. And yet Indiana found a way to win that contest and Jordan. Geronimo had his coming out party for this season because this freshman came in and did a terrific job against Garza, one of the most physical guys in the league. And he is Jordan's just 66 compared to the 7 FT size of Luca Garza and 2 85. He did a terrific job in that first matchup. Yeah, Jordan did a great job. Jerome Hunter did a nice job Christian later tonight. Job down in Indiana needs the bench to play great today. I mean, this I will basketball team. They're not great defensively, but they've got a ton of experience has got a ton of really good basketball players. Their bench is very good. They could bring multiple guys off the bench and big contributors not only on the offensive end, but I think their benches much better defensively than the starting five is, so I will can bring a bunch of different guys in. And if Indiana doesn't have all 89 guys playing well, like they did in the first match up against Iowa as you mentioned Geronimo Well, couple other guys playing well, I think it could be a long afternoon here for this Indiana basketball team. I would just keep coming at you. They don't stop offensively and you gotta have guys. If you're Indiana coming off the bench and playing really well at both ends of the court..

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