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Some kind of thing and we did. All this and granted had a job at the time. But i wanted to explore this option. So i did that. They got back to me and said i missed it by like one person. They only take so many people. So i was kind of bitter with the union leader allies. Upset yeah navigator. Didn't take they didn't want me for whatever. And then a not long after the call me back someone either dropped out or whatever and i got in so i was pleased. I was dismounted around. I was happy and in nancy. And i would. Just start date at the time when this all happened in so i got into the apprenticeship program a five year program california and who's well-structured two nights a week we'd go three hours two nights a week and then on the job he'd work I first jobs at a power plant. Oh yeah that's not rope attract. You'll pay was quite a change levels. Kanye power plant in southern california. Whoa you know huge turbines in. I mean like you said a learned. That's how i learned to burn ridge benbridge thread pipe. All these things is a dumb question but like what type of day to day. Work is at power plant. That's running. well we were working on the expansion of the of the power plant at the time. Okay soling new capacity or something. Yeah correct yeah. They were adding on so i. I wasn't exposed to that part of it. I see but on this part you know. We shopped everyday like every job in would threat pipe for sometimes weeks. Wow know that's how. I learned to the thread rigid and since that threat like the way plumbing. Pipe is threaded. I it's big enough that the pipe itself has threads cut to is at all the way from half inch up to six inch. We were with big threading machines slapping. Yeah in they're right. Depending on sale run up to two inch would use the certain type better than we get into the vibe and six inch five which did rarely at least me. That's like a crane to lift those things something. It was quite proud. And there's like conductors inside of those pipes at a power plant. That was running. Yeah holy stalled. Correct league got stalled. And then pulling in maybe five hundred. Casey mill copper. You know it's or seven fifty. It's like this big around so that was pretty exciting. There's a whole new world to me like small small but residential work just big scale in other words you like fish it through there with something and just machines doing it. There's different ways. We lot of times you suck lines in like long runs in. This is the first time i did that. Tuna bloom on line. Three or four hundred feet run no matter the size of pipe. They would have vacuum or industrial sites vacuum on one end. Yeah two ways to do it. That was one way you'd suck mouse in. Its looks like a sponge spongy material. it's the size of the car. Do in piston piston. We call it a mouse in a trade in. They'd sucked out through with the line on it. Such a through. And then you get that then you pull attach a bigger up to that. 'cause it's only a small jet ran pull in pulling a bigger depending on the side. You're going to be doing like how many hundreds of feet we've three four hundred feet away it. Yeah it's for the big long runs in a couple hundred foot runs into this. Days is hasn't changed in the trade. I mean we still but one thing i learned on this one of the projects house on down there is they would blow in a line and they have this deal. It and i don't know the terminology because it's been thirty years since i've done years but it fits over the pipe in a rubber piece. The clothes off the gaps as little horn in its compressed air in they have this little thing that looks like a lipstick size deal and it's real fine line in instantly shoot that thing and it soon as they shoot it comes flying out of the other end. That's another story. Yeah and so it it shoots out and then you pull a string so i've done it both ways. That was only time in my life that we use out on a big commercial project every other time it's sucking sucking a mouse and then eventually whatever rope you get in there it can pull three hundred feet of that whatever inch and a half copper line through as a a winch pulling through or tug her in the that's used for the bigger ones like it that way because you're all that wait a seattle. It's one thing to get into the pipe. Start pulling its dragon. Yeah you're calling copper wire per foot big wire you know and friction. Same rule you can make through to ninety s like that or no nineties on ninety nine nineties a ease up to up to four four ninety. That's that's the maximum or co and also physics. Yeah because much friction. All of a sudden you're gonna get yourself. Yeah up to four. We try to limit it but We've done up sometimes. You just can't avoid it with offsets you do to forty five and three ninety three but pulling those but the tiger and i learned it a lot on these big job to california for as far as industrial work which you bring up a good point. How do you pull that in. And do some of the shorter runs with not a big a wiry. Just get a couple of guys on it couple apprentices or journeymen whatever and you put a couple of guys on the other and feeding push it the s so that's a big thing if not they're not push on the other end and you're you're just pulling yeah. There's a lot of yelling going on and you can hear it through those condo. It's just another thing on john. Four five hundred feet away. You know yelling the pipe ready and like were sitting right here. Yeah ready and you can hear each other. That is amazing it cool. It is also known. You're on a job. And he got kind of do that on the pipe at the other guy and that is so obvious. but you. unless you've been there. I wouldn't have thought of it in. That's how we communicate before the pool. Yeah you yell back and forth the bike and you soap the line yet. Soap it in with the. Yeah the wire loop yellow seventy seven or whatever it is but so yup yup luebbe up and they have Wire pull and grips. And they're like the best way explained like the handcuffs. Were you put them on. They pulling each other. It's a wire mesh and you can either. They make them for all sizes wire in you. Push them down to get him to expand in you. Tape all your wires up. And you stagger them so you don't have a big blunt head big wires push it in the stock. It's called a sock. it's at least in the trade. Give me a shock what it is of skyhook yet looking around for that for longtime push it in and then it expands out and then you take that up in that that wire and is the worst thing ever offer something breaking that is. It's happened to me. It is the worst no matter. What size wired. wow. I'm back sort of career and before answer this and then keep on your story but did you ever have to turn any massive breakers inside this power plant. I watched video not long ago of some guys. I don't know where but they had to wear this full metal suit in he was lifting. These breakers..

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