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Aaron Donald Dave Johnson The top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO a package of bills focused on gun control as expected to pass in the house today It includes a proposal to raise the minimum age to own a semi-automatic rifle However the democratic led effort is unlikely to clear the Senate where Republicans can block gun legislation and have indicated they will not support major gun reform Montgomery county state senator Cheryl Kagan is asking Marilyn governor Larry Hogan to declare a state of emergency before the state's primary election She says it's to address what she calls an impending electoral crisis Kagan says that local boards of election are struggling with unprecedented challenges citing the delayed approval of Maryland's redistricting map a rescheduled primary election day and U.S. Postal Service mail delays The official birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth kicks off today in London a weekend of events will also celebrate the 70th anniversary of the queen's accession to the throne which is known as the platinum jubilee Stay with WTO for more on these stories in the minutes of hand It's 8 47 Now the Anna rondo county board and its school board are in disagreement over whether school start time should be changed for the upcoming school year citing numerous studies that show letting high school kids get more sleep will improve their health and academic performance The board pushed the start of high school classes back to 8 30 a.m. beginning this fall The county council says the domino effect it has on other schools will worsen a bus driver.

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