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Let's wrap up with a couple of segments we have guys on chicks with uncle chaps coming up we'll start with some pr one oh one for the NBA boy have they stepped in it. Yeah there are an interesting Steve Kerr I'm like yeah I'm like us because we already had our task force working on this for two days now Steve Kerr came out and had a statement and basically was like I don't know enough about it which is a cool if you're a podcast 'cause we do that all the honestly probably true yes it's a very complicated situation so much so I'm putting I'm putting this topic on are exempt list well Mr simplest where we will get around to addressing it but we don't have to for the next six months and it's actually not complicated until I find out who won complicated at all because Steve Kerr all had to say is hey guys it's not complicated at all my boss told me that we make a shitload of money in China so will now say I don't understand it and please stop asking right so there is one thing that I think people should understand about the NBA players and the coaches being over in China as well as like I know ESPN's Rachel Nichols is doing a whole thing over there the fact that they're not speaking out in favor of the Hong Kong protesters' and against the NBA cracking down on d'oro Maury I think they should get a little bit of a pass on it because they are in China right now and would you GonNa be the person over there right now talking shit about the Chinese Government when you're walking the streets of China and you have to be out in public well they won't say anything when they come back let's see do that's one thing no they're not going to say anything when they did this checks and that's we talked I'm saying anything when they come back while you're over there I understand not like wanting to speak out against China's Day will not say anything when they come back they will do the same thing and that's fine I would prefer if they just said our money is paid apart by China and all these people buying league pass and it's a big fucking country and we're trying to sell a shitload Kobe jerseys so therefore we are human rights everywhere except for when it's hurt their bottom dollar and I wouldn't disagree with you at this point though if they just emitted hey we don't want to hurt our bottom dollar anymore but what that's how the world works we'll let the Shanghai Sharks Wayne on DC statehood that'll be a little tit for tat with them yes there we go per you get to you get to talk whatever shit you want about taxation representation and we get to mention Hong Kong once a year right perfect Dun Dun Dun hence they are they over in Saudi Arabia W us we're good all right so we have PMT Sports Biz Minute Good Morning this is Jack Morris with a PMT sports these minute week five in the NFC L. included some all time fantasy performances across the league and PR formats will fuller put up fifty four points Aaron Jones with forty nine and Christian me Afri hosted forty eight the birth of fantasy football dates back to nineteen sixty to a man by the name of Bill Wink wink in back invented and played fantasy in baseball in the nineteen fifties and the football version eventually followed asper when people started to care for your fantasy team while the answer to that is of course never the MLB postseason is in full swing and with each and every pitch having a great amount of importance the pace of play slows down heading into the total playoff game time has been fifty one hours twenty two minutes or one hundred and eighty four thousand eight hundred sixty seconds or an average Oh three hours forty minutes per game that's PMT's sports minute mister totten mister comment sir back to you thanks chic very cool very cool Jake thank you very much and then finally before we get to guys on chicks we take quake from a penn state alum who wrote a letter angry letter writers are back this is from David Dave Peterson he wrote to one of the players on Penn State Hey Jonathan my wife and I are proud older graduates at Penn state he listened all the things that he was like oh I'll say first of all right off the Bat I don't really trust anybody that gets married to somebody that they went to college with he's well they're Penn state went through their penn state through and through the though the athletes of today are certainly superior to those in my days we missed the clean cut young men and women from those days watching the Idaho game on TV we couldn't help but notice your well awful hair surely there must be beers in the locker room don't you have parents or girlfriend who who who told you those shoulder link dreadlocks look disgusting in certainly not attractive we congratulate you on your game against Pitt but you need to remember you Aww Penn staters both current and those alumni from years past we would welcome the reappearance of dress codes for athletes you will certainly be playing on Sunday in the future but we have stopped watching the NFL due to the disgust and tattoos awful hair immature antics in the end zone players should act as though they've been there before I don't like the antics I got back them up on the surprised that guy off with the NFL big problem with the antics so they're saying they don't like they don't like excessive hair is actually perfect for pinch state for Penn State football fans as we don't want anybody representing a program that has tattoos body hair anywhere we want to smooth her seen stop that's that's what Penn State football should be about it's so this guy is I looked in new to little more I I was like this guy's not real he is and he writes a lot of habitual letter right so he written letters to local newspapers about his hatred of discussing tattoos he's written about why babies should be banned from restaurants in airplanes and by a page about Muslim holidays in a newspaper was offensive to nine eleven survivors so I don't respect anything this guy believes in I'm kind of with them on the babies and you should not be allowed to feed your child feed your child so I'm with him I I don't agree with anything he says but I do kind respect a guy who just sits at home and writes letters guy needs a hobby more than any he has it his wife his wife says he's like don't you want to go play golf no he does he is I read more he's he basically travels he has no kids surprise he and his wife Travel and write letters so he's the marlins man of of the male yes of central Pennsylvania okay got it live up this you have if you if you are a letter writer than write your letters and just write them write 'em right him and just get your voice L. I did notice that this letter was not handwritten though he he silenced typed it this guy I actually think it's a little bit of a cop out on his part not right end well I'm what maybe I'm just old school guy but I liked it when our crackpots used to write letters to the editor in cursive the magic guy figures out twitter the need it we need Dave Peterson onto someone get Dave Peterson twitter account yet him on twitter at least just have someone go sit in just take his his thoughts and put him on twitter because he'd be electric so spicy for the internet once again no long hair tattoos with else was an antics antics it doesn't even like football yeah no he's he likes football from nineteen twenty five he likes staring at a picture of he verbal meme was his name Dave Peterson peterson is wolverine laying in bed and he's looking at a picture and the picture frame is just John United yes clean cotton yeah he's men and our uncle chaps who uncle chats with the good is good he's got who it is what happened is following me around holding in front of my face earlier today it's a medical back when we first found two girls one I wish I'd have to watch that the healthy I look good now I whenever I look in the mirror I don't discuss myself mostly mostly mostly you're thin thinner yeah let's do guys on checks and now you have to good is you can you have no excuse nother B super okay come prepared here we go sub boys especially heck handsome Hank ever since then the jet the jess tanked now that Sam Darnold is backed we are going to go to the game and I need to know do need to kiss again to break the curse or I have to go see him to avert avoid further damage to the jets that's how you get mono so I would I would avoid kissing anybody at jets games for the foreseeable unless it's.

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