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That were going on at U C L A all the time right all the time. Don't imagine clear was playing with high level players. I can't imagine he was he was playing pickup with either current or former pros are called culture. Exactly. There's incredible pickup games going and they frequently do him at U C L A. So I don't but this one's a downtown L A, which is unusual, although Downtown L A is a totally different place now than it was 30 years ago of plays. He's a guy who might just walk up to a park and be like Let's play well, you know, he was endorsing recently. Where did he didn't do that recently? Didn't he anything to a pick up game? I don't know. It's something we're just surprised somebody in a really casual, I'll be skins. I was reading a comment from Steve Kerr in one of Slater's articles about this later, right, like a quick piece yesterday, right after the plane news came out before the draft, and I just Steve current said, What were they doing there Double? I think it was like September 30th or October was last month, right? They're one of those double double the double bubble. Yeah, I want to say was during the basement. I think what I think What curse Ed was. Clay was not cleared at that time. This was a comment from them, he said classroom and cleared for like full scrimmage or full running. Whatever it was with the team, but they wanted to see how like what? What is His body was like what kind of shape he was in, they said. They were encouraged by the progress and obviously he was working out with him. But maybe they had not cleared him at that time to do full scrimmages. We gotta look up at the timeline it thought he had joined. Maybe he had. He just posted something few days ago. We made it the cooler content about just fished another great workout. S O. Listen, it's all bad. It's unbelievable. It's so as overnight Davis saying to me this is like you sold your soul to the devil for the three championship. Did you know all right now The devil's coming with the fiddle and Ana man. It's like we'll do this. I gotta see being about that he knows You know, I mean, we talk about saving selling solar. What? Yeah. First for what happened? What did the double tell What the devil tell him for Javier Lopez. He's like it's gonna cost you. Dude. If you want to have your long past you've got you can have Javier Lopez from the pirates, but it's gonna cost you wanna one back specialist. You're gonna pay in the back Sold, Say, man, what saves doing here? Where is that guy? He's just being clear with. Look, I I picture him, Murph the way he used to look out of the booth at Scottsdale. I'll never make eye contact. He'd always just be looking at the field. I imagine him right now like on on a deck. Somewhere like on a lake was just 1000 yards like up in New Hampshire like going back to his roots up in New England, like he's on some pit like Lake Sunapee and in line New Hampshire, and he's just staring out at the lake. I used to stair. He read the Theo Epstein quote. And now they're getting together like the Avengers like, you know, like he's he reads the quote in then the soaring music plays and he is like, you know, he's uh, the incredible Hulk or he's what We're all gonna get together now. The guys to save baseball field and right, John? Sure holes or whoever you know all the old line, guys. They're going to get together. Avenger. Super Super. Whatever her friends, super friends, you know, I gotta say e feel like as far as the saving missions go. I'd rather I like I'm taking Maurer urgency. I gotta save clay first. And I'll save baseball later. I truly am still holding out hope, though, that I am to be Oh doesn't sound from the evidence from the circumstantial evidence. He could miss the entire season. Here's the comment from Nick for Del Mitford L statement and ESPN dot statement. But he wrote this in ESPN. Uh, the Warriors coach Steve Kerr said recently that the Warriors did not clear Way to scrimmage during their team bubble in San Francisco, But he said he was pleased with the way his rehab was progressive. That's perfect for Della Vsp. And so he was. This is in his article from yesterday, so he wasn't cleared for the dead. But again, that doesn't mean he wasn't cleared Since then. I'm not saying he was doing something he wasn't supposed to do. I'm just saying, it's It's such the whole thing. And now free agency starts tomorrow. And you, you'd have to go, You know, try to find a clay that that trade exception. Dude, get the easy and the trade exception gives him what a guy's 17 19, too. Okay. Our list of guys. It feels that is there a list of guys that feel that feel that need? Yeah. I haven't seen the list of him. But Anthony Slater was was throwing out the other day that maybe, uh, maybe Kelly uber a junior who was just acquired by okay. See who's looking like they need to dump some money because they just made that Chris Paul trade You break junior might fit that could be it could be a good fit, man. The whole thing is in and it's like I mean, we're all in agreement that you're not winning a championship without collect damn No, I don't think damn it all do no. Damn it! Damn it all Paulie and now let's go to James Wiseman's party. Yeah, we brought you some wine. That's the Warriors. Drafting. James Wiseman is like getting into a fight with your significant other on the way to the party. And then you gotta.

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