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Headpieces going around late crown. Those are for Julia. Let's talk about Justin Bieber here. According to TMZ, he's really taking a big step back from his music to focus on his health and his marriage because he wants to address some deep rooted issues. Now Justin announced his plan to hit pause and his career and shift focus to things like his marriage daily, Baldwin telling fans music is very important to be. But nothing comes before my family and my health, and he said, I toured my whole teenage life early twenties. I realized as you guys probably saw that I was unhappy last tour that was the purpose world tour that he cut short memorably. And he said, I don't deserve that. You don't deserve that you pay money to come and have a lively energetic, fun light concert. I was unable emotionally to give that to you near the end of the tour. So he's being really upfront. Also, there's pictures on his Instagram stories that he's sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. Now, his wife took the pictures, maybe he just like breasts Senate like floats in it. Yeah. Lake for twenty minutes a day or something. That's what they do. Yeah. Yeah. Just take it. Well, you know, what that sounds like a nice place. Does that in Saint Paul where you can float in sensory deprivation chamber? This is a little different because you're not in the water tank, which I've done Jim Warren. Michael jackson. Michael jackson. Purpose in glazing. He might be have depression. I think he's working on a lot of the I I don't mean da. But I mean, yeah. Yeah. He well. He you know, what it's hard. It's probably think about the trajectory of Justin bieber's life where he started on YouTube Ray putting out videos when he was just a wee little kid. Twelve then he's famous by twelve to hang out with Donny uncle, Donny Osmond, we do really because go give back. Donny Osmond, could totally relate what it would be like to be that age. And you know, what I mean? There's not too many people that know exactly that and that Donny Osmond, successfully navigated that young is that goes to the same hair at different ages in their lives, but they both had view their photos of Justin Bieber when he started and his hair looks like Donny Osmond, when he had you know, they only call. Obviously, you should see. Just a. They were a lot of memes out. Oh, yes. Let's talk a little casting news. This is for Ryan Murphy's new show. The politician Bette midler is going to be joining the cast very excited about this. She tweeted about it this weekend. Yes, she's going to guest star in the first season of the politician. He announced this on Saturday. And she's going to be joining a big cast. Jessica Lang, of course is a regular on. Ryan Murphy does Deutch Lucy Boynton. We also got Bob Babylon. And this is the one that features Gwyneth Paltrow. Well, Brad, feld shirk obvious. Put on her Instagram. I think late last week the poster for the politician and said that she was going to be on TV. I'm going to be net flicks. Like an anthology series. So good for her and riana. She's over on social media. She liked a video on Instagram about her and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Djamil, apparently they're still together. I thought they kind of broke up. But there you go the video features Morgan Stewart from E news discussing their relationship funny. So she just liked liked it. Yeah. She likes to play coy on social media nNcholas cage is probably set to get married again for the fourth time. We're very happy for him. Before him. So. Yeah. Tell us who is first wife was oh, well, his first wife, I believe was Patricia Arquette and then his Elvis obsession letter to Lisa Marie breath y in Hawaii, and then he got married married. Like three months, something just he married. Yes. And then he married Alice Kim, I believe he has a couple of children with Alice Kim. And now, he's marrying a woman named Erica Koi. K and they live in Las Vegas. Did know that nNcholas cage lived in Las Vegas with him. Every time I'm there. And have you spotted never do know. So they've been together since last year they responded in Beverly Hills last may so yes, it's serial monogamous that guys see is. And I have to say looking at some pictures of nNcholas cage recently, he could also use a little bit of facial advice where he's doing the little died box. A beard situation, maybe smudge it a little bit and let a little white show through and just. Xiaomi or Clooney. Yeah. Oh, Sean pan. Oh, no. What did Sean? Jimmy Kimmel last week. And he just it's funny. Both he and Madonna are kinda absorb easy. That's. I think you might be on to sorry that I say that out loud Lorraine. Don, I mean, I do love Madonna in this do I think we can all say that. And I'm really honestly looking forward to new music from Madonna thing. Because when she has great music, it's legendary her, you know, her mediocre music is better than most. Yeah. So we have that to look forward to Jordan peels us huge box office success. No, I did not see it. Holly. Gotta see too much buzz. Time goes by don't leave like I did. Yeah. Julia. Ps will you give it another shot? Julia. I don't need to you saw all the it's an anxious movie. The whole time. I don't I am. I enjoyed fingernails laughed. My, you know, just your cuticle. It weighs on me. It's really good. You guys me seventy million dollars over the weekend. A record the previous record for a scary movie. And original scary movie was a quiet police last year fifty point two million dollars made last year. So people are really digging it, and it's fantastic and people go see it, I need to go and see it. Oh boy. Let's talk a little bit. I know you guys talked about this. I believe in the three o'clock hour all of this drama around Wendy Williams and the alleged mistress of Wendy Williams husband Kevin hunter has given birth to a baby this, according to sources at page six that would probably be the reason why Wendy Williams left her sober living house today without wearing her wedding Reno. She did put it on the show. But you know, I don't blame her. If allegedly your husband just had a child with another woman and this all happened as Jirina Hudson. That's her name. She gave birth to a baby today an Philadelphia was it today because there was rumors that it was last week. Yeah. So. A baby girl. Yep. And now it hasn't been confirmed that Kevin hunter is the father of the child. But there's widespread speculation that he is Wendy is got somebody at that hospital. Trying to get a Cup with a q tip and trying to get DNA. Yeah. I don't think I feel like she's so out of it. No. I don't know. We think he's dragging her. Yeah. What he's putting her milk. Shakur coffee. We're having a hard time with with him. Yeah. It is hard to watch because you can see obviously Wendy Williams is not in the greatest of. Like this story. She told us the truth last week about sober living. But then she wasn't telling the truth about everything that's going on. Family. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my mommy and daddy. So weird to me. Yeah. You're absolutely right. So we're going to keep an eye on this story with Wendy Williams. But again, I mean, you know, allegedly her.

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