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He, he stood on the sidelines and watched that label go from strength to strength more or less using the blueprint that he created. And I guess I was disappointed that he felt the need to come back to the business and more or less more or less redo that as if he's saying this was mine and Rick to reclaim it. I mean, I guess it just felt. You know, I love an obsessive as much as an ex person does, but I, I just felt that. Maybe the felt like settling scores in a way, but I, I really thought that there would be something. I suppose richer because he's older and he's fifty now. Yeah, and he's. To see him still locked in to that moment in his adolescence, when those people, those boys and girls made such a huge impact on him. Somebody did point out to me very interesting thing that there was an actual magazine. There was a cover story. I'm Lee liberal. I was some that it was a cover story about kind of like bright young things, I suppose, but an how this it's attached itself to his psyche as a manifesto for the rest of time. And he I find, say with ref Simmons when when when you look at a designer who is really, really mesmerized by a moment in time and a place, you know, and, and this just grips them, you see that an all refs work. You see it in his work. You see it in his work for Calvin Klein is sort and his worked for Joel Sanderson. No, not much that there, but. Eddie is coming from the same place. This ideal, this sort of dream and this obsessive effort to recreate the dream. I guess as somebody gets older and hopefully wise, I would like to see how that dream evolved. I mean, the one thing that became very clear to me was essentially, you know, because he is so true or fixated or obsessed with this particular, maybe it was that cover number. It was that has created this. Create a vision in his head is become through that. That's the only thing he does. Well, is he did the same thing at your? Yeah. And he did it at center, didn't it sound but think about it? Think about at Saleen. He's not this. He has an absolutely blank slate before he had. He had deal. He had a blank slate deal sort of, but Santa Rosa, which was really his triumph. He. Always always was very careful to bring the central legacy and to what he did. He would point to something he had done and say, this is an echo walled, whatever the the, the the, the scandalous collection from the early seventies or the. The, they'd be something there that would echo Osama wrong moment because he worked with Mr. song. Yeah. Yeah. He has such a long. Yeah, history with that. Absolutely. But here this is this is used as unedited. Eddie. And so I think it's, it's very interesting like you say that he is. He just goes back to that archetype. And you know, of course, everybody after was saying, well, it's going to be a commercial smash, and you know the numbers speak for themselves in all the people like me who got on there. I got on their covered wagons and lumbered into town with the kind of dinosaurs opinion of what he's trying to do. Will will be left looking as obsolete as he probably imagines we will about. I'm curious about that because you know what good cheese proved is that there is an appetite for a sort of humanist imaginative. An as sort of exercise and just complete and utter liberation. Liberation of the soul l. asandra mckelway is like a shame. And in that respect, he leads his followers to this glorious promised land of Gucci. I don't get liberation from Eddie stuff. I get restriction. I get a sort of uniformity. But that may be appealing to certain people. I'm sure would it short will be born up what I'm saying that the world has changed since a was appealing and a wonder. If you know, I wonder if more people are clued into a sort of. If you look at what the youngest winners, we were seeing through the course of the month, especially in New York where I mean, I thought that was green, shoots real grounds for optimism there. They are very much that almost like hippies. And Eddie is definitely hippy, right? Well, it remains to be seen..

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