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He's like get out. I'm like okeydoke. So so i back my office. My phone rings and it was the dreaded eighty three hundred extension. which was david. Stern's pick up the phone already with cold sweat on my brow. Knowing that i was going to get the thrashing. He's like does it goes i. I don't know you would let me in. He's like why not isaac well put-on get back there. It's like awesome like toggle between two titans as a young aspiring executive. So two weeks later invites me back are. I begged my way back over. You wanna you wanna remember the story. And so i go back in saint in a comfortable chair pacing rounds office. I finally get lead in any sitting behind his desk. Throws a book at me and says. Don't come back until you read this. I catch the book. I looked out in. Its a vince lombardi. I was like i. I have to go read this now like out a like in the car. I go back to new york same. Eighteen hundred calls same routines like a read. The book you know anyway. So it's funny like i. I went back and third time. And this i asked to take. Take now commissioner adam. Silver and burning. My longtime boss could both amazing friends of mine. Now and i'm in the car. And i'm a low totem pole. I'm thirty years old. And so i had written notes written up notes as. Here's what i think we should say like because i said to stern on like i don't think you send me back there by myself. Like i don't think he cares about me. i don't think he. I don't think it's any respect to say. And so he's like you know. I can ask him. He's like well whatever. I can deal with toll thing so. I grabbed my boston. Adam where the car over there. And so i prepared these notes you know for these guys like three pages of notes. Here's what i would say. Here's why would lead the questions out. Ask teed up. Because that's what i did for the nba off consultant for the team. So i would go in particular when new people took over the teams. I would go in and kind of run them through a you know. Here's a don't list effectively and here's a to do list. And here's an evaluation of your organization. And here's some recommendations etc so we're in the car and i was like okay. You guys have this right got it. So we sit down. Lou says you know bernie and they had known other back from the providence days and brings like adam adam scott. I'm like you guys got kidney. So here i am about to get slaughtered. So i go into my pitch because i know the organization very used to work there. Then that's a start as a marketing assistant so new new. The players knew the organization. So i go into my life hardcore. Here's where i've found. Here's what i think we need to do. But i went through and he was putting me to. I mean keep. He put me on the hot seat and i was going to hold on my own doing my thing so i went down to hear the ten things i would change. Tomorrow i did a whole solo thick and so he's like are you done now. I was like yes i am. You know figuring. I was gonna get thrown out for the third time. Why not tons of charm and he goes and he opens his board. Had this big like covered forty opens it up everything that i walk in through. He had written down the board walk dinner. So that that's Is a good lesson on so many fronts. One is never underestimate the great lula morello in business in hockey as a friend. He's one of the one of the great human beings in the sport of hockey. And i've cherished my friendship with him and and hope to have a statue of him outside the prudential center at some point He's that good i mean. He's the vince lombardi of hockey. He's he's the great of the great human being and as hockey executive and so that's one two we ever you go into his office. You better put a tie on you. Better have read something from vince. Lombardi and you better be prepared. But he funny twenty one of my one of my all time favorite people. I got two more quick ones for you. Number one. how. Many madison square garden executives can adam graves pinned against the boards at the same time. So i i listen. I am a basketball junkie. Okay i think hockey is the greatest live sport in the history of the world. But i grew up skating a little bit of hockey on chadwick lake in newburgh new york but no skill at all none. Okay good hands. They say but but moves like a a sloth on the ice if you could imagine a sloth and skates so the first thing i did when i got the amnesty was like hey when we played hoop. We don't play. This is madison square garden. And what we do now so for the first six months i was getting my regular bre in on the court next on your kid so on the court. Madison square garden wisconsin dream. And why didn't have any legs even then my mouth. I'm a world class shit talker world class and so the hockey guy started. Give me a hard time. Oh you're guys not. I love hockey. And they're like can we play on the ice outside. Yeah and so if there were a fifth line. I don't think i would have been on advocating for the games but we did have rhonda gay played added gravy played. I mean it was kind of unbelievable and a lot of guys played with. Were college hockey player. So and i'm not but we had like there was a group of us that couldn't play and play. Now i'd be on that group and adam graves like ever hit anybody. Not he's like take me and i literally. I stayed as fast. I can't which is slow and try to put him into the board. And i bounced off like a like a super bowl like memory. Were katya super bowl. That was me. An angry is the nicest in the history of the world. I don't know if you know. Maybe it all but literally i mean he eats all. You cannot believe me i meet. You can't believe that someone can be that authentic in that wonderful net night on the not so much so i bounced him off him like a super bowl and and i was my mouth the whole time. Which wasn't a great idea. And then at one point the puck into the corner of course would be twenty minutes skate over there. And i felt pressure on my body. Like i've never felt before. And i felt like i was pinned to the glass. Almost like a bad sitcom where your face is like against the glass and it felt like an hour. It was probably a minute but it was way too long so he had me and two other guys pinned and immobilized for way too long but not not a fun night. that's for sure. And here's my last one. If chris jury was kidnapped and replaced by you would anybody be able to tell the difference through our cat in. When i was at the rangers people that have been with been around kind of big market big revenue teams at small market Lower revenue teams have. So it's of fun to think back. Those meme reason and chris was drew as a elite elite leader and a wonderful human being. When i was at games. I would either be asked if i was chris jury or if i was brother i mean it was. It was almost painful. Like i took it as a great compliment. Scott both professionally. And if you're comfortable personally what makes you nervous. What makes me any kind of technology. Uncertainty logging onto this podcast. I hadn't used his platform before cold sweat getting in the car. I'm an awful driver. I'm not as bad as my daughters by the way. I don't know if you know this but my daughters are such bad drivers that the insurance company called and said we're not willing to carry you anymore. Oh wow and i said there has to be some price we can pay and they said not with us so yeah three. Crashes and several tickets later the not destroy their lovely ladies but not their strong point. But when i'm driving. I get anxious if i'm going but but not too much else and the final one if commissioner gary bettman called you this afternoon and said scott. We're giving you the ability to change one thing in hockey. What would it be. And you can't answer by gary. I'm the commissioner. Actually you could. That would be even funnier..

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