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Thirty six. We're learning more about the terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in Nairobi Kenya. In which fourteen people including American were killed more. From komo's Gregg Hersholt. The dead American is identified as Jason Spindler. The director of a business development firm. He had survived the September eleven attacks in New York. The attackers in this case from the group Al Shabaab is born out of the crumbling of Somalia in early nineteen nineties. That essentially will responsible for Black Hawk Down. And a mother left goal essentially into the move all foreigners from Somalia and put them to adopt. ABC news contributor Daryl blocker who was with the CIA for twenty eight years. He says groups like al-shabaab target luxury hotels because that's where the westerners gather it gets world press, and that can target people other than Kenyans Gregg Hersholt, KOMO news as the federal government shutdown drags on. A prominent local charity says it's feeling the pressure from people who are suddenly in need of help northwest harvest helped so many foodbanks around here. This is the group's Jordan Rubin. A huge uptick of first time families coming to their community food Bank, and the primary driver of that was for the government shutdown government employees, but it was also government contractors. It was also those who aren't even employed by the government. But if you own a diner out near mount Ranier, and now nobody can get there because the parks are closed. Then you have no customers he says northwest harvest is calling for an end to the shutdown. Charlie Harger, KOMO news US attorney net. Hayes is stepping down tomorrow. She leads the western district of Washington's US attorney. His office and has been on an interim basis since two thousand fourteen when now Seattle mayor Jenny durken step down. Brian Moran is going to replace her. He was nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the Senate Moran served in the offices of both Christine Gregoire and rob McKenna during their terms as Washington state attorney general this homeless county employees in charge of ensuring workplace free of harassment has been fired for conduct that some workers. Consider well harassment. Details from komo's Carleen Johnson. Staff complained about remarks made by Tony Robertson. The county's Equal Employment Opportunity officer comments were made during training sessions about workplace harassment. The Everett herald reports in one session, a female worker was having a coughing fit in Robertson asked if he was choking her up because he's handsome and had that effect on women and in a subsequent training. He offended staff by using the word retarded a woman in the training sessions said she had a child with severe developmental disabilities. She asked why he used that term? He then. Said he deliberately used it to see how many in the group were paying attention to the earlier training session and outside investigator determined Robertson could no longer be effective in his role. His last day was January second. Carleen johnson. Komo news city of Seattle Representative say the Aurora bridge is safe as defendants tell their side of the story in the ride the ducks civil trial civil city transportation planner to raise casper told an attorney for the city she's been involved in safety improvements on the highway ninety nine corridor. Dating back sixteen years..

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