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On January twenty twenty one will stay the Donald Trump. i julian castro they're saying audio's to trump referring to the democrats taking over and that he wouldn't win obviously it was the big democratic debate which had to be split up because of the amount of democrats the what i say the squares version of i'm running you're running and so were they across the hall it's pretty interesting kate delaney and here we are on the show talking about politics in this time next year it'll be a whole different ballgame because then there will be one against the president and we'll see who that one is we could speculate all day long right now polling wise joe biden who's up next on thursday night with another group of democrats it'll be interesting to see what he has to say it's going to be the same kinds of topics about the border iran the situation with health care all the things that we wrestle with that i sit you care about in your backyard and a mine who was the big loser who was the big winner of the evening that becomes interesting i think that julian castro did finally held zone and he would have come out of this looking pretty good one guy who didn't look as good is in somebody who when he's the soundbite and he's by himself and he's in his crown comes off pretty good but i would say a rourke didn't come off as good so if i were handicapping this and i were a poster like frank luntz the big poster dude his made a ton of money and a big name in the gig of looking at the debates looking at people you know and taking the poll so to speak of of what happened i would agree with me because i think congressman beta aerobic just didn't come off looking great he's tepid and he just wasn't very effective when he you know he spoke he talked about his daughter and that he cared about kids in the future but it's just they were more just like one liners talking points i guess and cory booker the senator from jersey he probably did okay when he was debating his forceful he he spoke about things that people in the audience democrats would care about he was pretty powerful in the way he said his words that kind of thing so i would say that he probably came off the probably the best but one thing that did happen a lot and i watched the whole thing is there were times where you couldn't even understand what someone was saying who's like the radio no when you have a giant radio crew and people are talking over each other and you can't understand what they said you're laugh and you're driving to work almost driving off the road you're in the middle of their bit you get it and then all of a sudden somehow they lose it because everybody's talking at once and this is what happened a couple of times talking over each other because you can't hear them and so some of the exchanges were lame and a rourke caught up in a couple of those so that didn't have that didn't help them and i think that made him ineffective so i was going to pick somebody who didn't come off as well and was if i'm going to tag them as the loser i think he would have been the loser in the debate if you're listening i don't care if you're right of right left of left somewhere in between you want to weigh in on half of the hollywood squares that went off in the democrats you certainly can do that eight five five to six six fifty to eighty three eight five five to six six to eighty three some of you already have fling the email my way so to speak so when we go into the mail bag i'll jump into i'll jump into that then mean then you also had some people that you had no idea who they were right and this is part of the problem because there's so many i mean the former u._s. secretary of housing and urban development julian castro a lot of people you know him or have seen his space that kind of thing whereas you have others that just they're they're just not not known governor jay inslee he i think he came off well on his point his whole point is about climate change that's it the one thing he focuses on that the boom that's it and he called himself the only candidate has passed a law protecting a woman's right to reproductive health to in the couple of times he jumped in and he was pretty pretty strong but as many of you know listening to us in washington who may like them might not like them depending on your point of view he he's not the big money guys he he's not the one stepping into this ring i mean it'd be i think it'd be shocking if he emerged because you've got biden and sanders and and the polling matters and that's the same with the new york mayor bill de blasios oh he said that the upcoming election is battle for the heart and soul of our party he said it's supposed to be the party of working people there's plenty of money in this country is just in the wrong hands so there were a couple of references about money and rich people in the elite in the white house and you know that kind of thing but the debate rules were pretty interesting debate started at nine o'clock eastern on it aired on n._b._c. m._s._n._b._c. and telemundo so they had sixty seconds to answer questions they certainly blood over thirty seconds to respond like i said there was some stepping over each other that certainly happened so you had on the stage to be clear build a blasi oh yet congressman tim ryan from ohio former obama hud secretary mentioned julian castro from texas senator cory booker from new jersey senator elizabeth warren from -chusetts former congressman fate or roared from texas senator amy klobuchar from minnesota congresswoman tulsi gabbard from hawaii inslee of washington and then former congressman john delaney no relation to me by the way from maryland a couple of times he tried to jump in maybe like wait a second year in a like john we're going to use his pretty pretty interesting and and thursday will be interesting but remember incumbency schools in the three last if we go back to the three previous presidents they've all had two terms so what are the odds that this president won't be that president right what are what are the odds of that by the way the republicans around the president are telling him to stay out of this whole democratic thing you don't have to weigh in on a who cares republican strategists are saying just rise above the fray of whatever is going on getting in gauged in it the ten democrats climbed on the stage on wednesday for this first presidential debate he was halfway around the world he's going to the g twenty summit in japan and then the next debate he'll be meeting with world leaders to talk about iran north korea global trade and several other issues that are on the agenda two so this miami debate that the first one kicking off both nights through miami you know shows the crowded field of democrats trying to take on the president but the president's record and his style certainly hangs out there in the balance and they're gearing up to counter whatever the democratic hit is whatever the broadsides are so to speak but not now not at the twenty similar there may be something you know tweet it out because trump said last week he told fox news that he's considering tweeting during the debates but how saves didn't respond to questions about whether he'd watch invasion of course again you're on the plane and that whole thing so here we go game on of the if you remember the last time around in twenty-six teen if you go back to two thousand sixteen he just he had la a lot of things he tweeted out but really one that said he said get rid of all these commercials hashtag democrat debate he complained about the number of there you go you can bet r._n._c. folks though were watching monitoring looking at the commentary looking at what the responses were all that stuff because that's what you would do if you're in that role looking at what the issues are the things you know what the counter attack i guess would would be and and it's the obvious is the obvious issues and some that aren't quite as obvious i guess but of course the border the border the border and iran what we're looking at right now and especially with the with the border because the democrats are trying to own the sympathy certainly side of that so that was brought up in specific names of people or can you imagine families in the separation and that was set a couple of different ways in a couple of different times i'm not surprised about that trying to connect to the horrible side like the photograph that was you know seen all over the world the other day where you had a father or you could tell it was a man and look like his son they were faced down in the water and dead from coming over trying to cross the border and i think that was an issue that was definitely definitely laid up no question about that all right coming up as i mentioned several you jumped right on.

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