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This might just be a hot way to begin, but I feel like we've got a scoop. And far be it for us to bury the lead, right? Do it. Is this a real scoop? You're the one that connects with me. It's been reported, but I don't think within our industry. It's all coming together in a crazy way. Okay. I'm gonna try to get this right. I have, I'm currently arranging to have a lawyer, a California bar certified lawyer on the podcast at some point soon, just to oh my God. Yes, to fact check us, but okay, hear me out. Side note before I get into this scoop if you can hear my child, we have closed all the doors to my recording studio AKA won't shut the fuck up about it. We can just hear her a little bit, just let it be sort of texture for the podcast. Anyway, as I was saying, Johnny Depp is currently in a defamation trial that he brought against Amber Heard for an article that she wrote an op-ed for the Washington post, which is why it's happening in Virginia, the case. Johnny Depp's lawyer, up until 2020, was a guy named Adam waldman and Adam waldman is a Washington based lawyer. He was actually thrown out the case by the judge in the case because he was basically revealing confidential information to the press. I sent you some articles, miss creek bomb. I appreciate the help because you know that I'm always logged out of all of my subscribers. Media accounts. So what Nick did was he took photos of his computer screen, but that resulted in the wavy lines. I actually couldn't really read. Okay. So essentially this guy Adam waldman is by various accounts sort of like a svengali esque figure in Johnny Depp's life. He is perhaps the reason he left his very long time agent, several years ago. He is, quote, the chief architect behind Johnny Depp's just sue everyone strategy. His background, mister waldman's background is that he's had clients, including Russian oligarchs, and allegedly Julian Assange. And this was the one line of the article that got me going. Adam waldman is married to Berlin based jetsetter and luxury skin care entrepreneur Barbara sturm. Nick. I have to say, I was skeptical at best. Slightly irritated at worst that we kept on talking about this on the podcast. And then here we are. Here we are. Not only one direct tied to the beauty industry. And we'll get to the second. And we'll get to the second. We'll get to the second. Was he also a podiatrist turn skin care entrepreneur or is that just Barbara? Barbara was an orthopedic surgeon or something in Germany, turned skin to care entrepreneur, but I guess she was like studying inflammation or part of her research and practice was about inflammation in the body. So I kind of allow her the skin care expertise because of that. However, I've never liked her products. And I know that she's like, he runs, he runs. The company. He's the chief executive of Barbara sturm, so the chief executive of Barbara sturm. Is also Johnny Depp's personal lawyer slash the Rudy Giuliani to Trump is Adam waldman to Johnny Depp. He is the reason many believe that Johnny Depp is like having these public lawsuits..

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