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Roll the sabers west coast trip coming up for buffalo will preview that here in just a few moments are sabres core group feature of the core group performed tonight. Well, not great. I will say this, Jack like, oh, you know. Of course, a part of the core group here that we'll be discussing on each and every post game show his line tonight had a couple of really nice puck, possession shifts. I wouldn't say they resulted alternately in incredible goalscoring opportunities. But there were a shift in the first in a shift in the second where they just control the puck for virtually the entire shift, and he and Sherry and Reinhard. The passing pretty tremendous in the second period. It was the one was even more evident. I think McCoy. Was out there with them. And maybe wrist delighted as well. But that that session right there. I might have been scandal with Russ crystalline. Anyway, the point is that the three the trio there Reinhardt and Sherry an Eichel pretty impressive on that. Now the power play also at times had good possession. But unable to score over seven of the nights not going to get it done. No doubt about it. And you know, Carter Hutton those first couple of goals. I don't really know if I've got any problem with them. They're deflections and weird bounces the McKinnon goal. I mean McKinnon's on the doorstep in front. He's going to score on everybody on a breakaway. He's gonna score on anybody. So yes, six goals against it's not gonna look good in the stat book, but Carter Hutton's night. I don't for sitting here debating about why this team lost tonight. I'm not putting Carter Hutton and the discussion. Really nice glove. Save on Rantanen. If you didn't see it in the first a real pretty one that might be worth looking up. All right. Let's grab some calls here. Eight oh three. Oh five. Fifty. Let's go to Duane. I hear the post game high twain go ahead, you're on the air. Manage taking my call. It's a couple of things. And I mean up until tonight the power plant is like hasn't been a huge issue like having played played hockey most my wife. I just don't get why we have I post postal playing the point on the first hour play unit. I get that, you know, Jack drops back a lot after he takes takes that base off. And you know, our pulsa than that, which I'm not trying to bash post. I haven't really been upset with him this season. Like, I have a ton of bad things to say about him. But I mean when you have a generational talent. Like restless, Darlene. I mean, creativity and Spurs. You have Jackie of Darlene. And like, I think with that much creativity in that much elite talent between the two of them. You want them on the ice together as much as you possibly can. And the factor. Not on that first unit. It just it just blows my mind. Yeah. I'm just sick of it. I was gonna say too. I think the power play has been good, which is maybe why house lease just decided to keep it the same unit. I'm sure as the year goes on. I would I shouldn't say I'm sure I would hope to think as the year goes on that we'll start to see Dowling's time on the power play increase. I don't think the intention is to have a postal back at the point that may have just been a scenario that you know, in terms of maybe just how the bodies were shuffled. If you remember from the Vegas game the other night in the power play. A postal was on the wall. Made a nice backhand pass to wrist line. And who was now back at the point who fed Eichel for that beautiful one time, or so I think that's probably more of the intention of it is that a postal plays on the opposite side of Eichel. And they of course, I would think just like we see with the capitals with Ovechkin and with the lightning with stamkos that they're trying to set up Jack for that one timer at the circle area. So will we see Darlene more as the year goes on maybe Housley could also? So be thinking, and we're trying to have two solid play units with Dalian on the second group. Maybe that could help out. But yeah, I I agree with you. I mean, what is not going? Well, I think within the game to maybe give Darlene some chances there. I think is the right move. I don't know if that means taking all postal offer what other sort of combination have. But it was a frustrating night to watch the power play. There's no doubt. Thank you for the call twain. Appreciate it. Next. Let's go to Ray here. The post game highway. Go ahead. Hey, guys. I just wanted to up on things here. I know I hear a lot of people blaming Edmund glad to hear you guys. Aren't you about, you know, I would you watch the DA was gap. That's all I don't know. You can't you played defense on Rodney Mack truck parking lot. I think we gotta get a little more aggressive, and I don't know how you guys still about that. But I feel like, you know, we're planning on our view of a little bit on the. I think that tonight. It looked like they were just slow and caught in their own end. And they didn't seem to be reacting fast. At all. I mean, I would I mean, your your analysis is a point that, of course, you wouldn't want to have happened. But I think tonight they just felt like they just seem slow to react to everything. Now, the the avalanche are faster team than the Rangers. And so you know, you compare their maybe their best game to their worst game. I don't know tonight. Maybe their worst game. I think probably the Bruins opener. I would say was their worst game. But Nevertheless, I didn't go. Well, the avalanche with their speed. If you're not on your game, they can make you look pretty bad and they did at times here tonight. Overall, the sitting back sort of thing, I don't think Housley wants that. At all. I think you've heard him many times say, you know, they want to get up and go he uses the phrase north-south quite a bit with the defensive shift that they've gone to now to get more speedy better passing defensemen. I think that you'll see them try to get more involved in breaking out quicker and getting. Out of their own zone. But the sitting back sort of thing. Whether it's on the power play or at even strength under tonight went well at all. Thank you. Right. Let's get another call in here before we get an update from Dan cable. It's go to Brian next. Hi, brian. You're on the post game show. Yeah. I just wanted to say agree with the college. But not the blink tonight. A power play. Raymond. So I do agree Eichel privacy should be on number one. The he has a good point is that they practice a couple of weeks ago. I just think he would be not mature. But maybe ready for the job. I do think maybe in a game or who we need to see all market net. Just to get the guy. Standpoint. Thank you. Brian all marks gonna play on this trip. I would guess is. Maybe he'll he could play twice. But. I think Arizona's the right time to get him in you're going to travel a little bit. Hutton didn't have his a game tonight. I get I'm not blaming him for tonight's game. But I think that this is the time that you slide all market, and I think it works out perfectly with the schedule. So maybe you'll see him twice. They do have a back to back at the end of the west coast trip as well when they play L A on Saturday and Anaheim next Sunday. So maybe you'll see all Mark there again along the way on this trip. Thanks for the call Brian six to one Colorado is victorious as by the way, we were talking about the core group there with Eichel and Reinhard. And some of the good things that they did tonight. Sabers core group. Look brought to you by Corrigan moving for your next move count on your core group of friends at Corrigan. Okay. Six to one avalanche. Roll the sabers. Let's check the rest of the night in the NHL, including again, what those red hot Toronto Maple Leafs are up to for more on that back to our studios. Here's Dan cave. All right. Thank you. Bryan around. The NHL is brought to you by Seneca. Buffalo creek casino. Nothing else comes close. Yes. The Maple Leafs remain red hot. They get another win tonight. Five to three over the Redwings. Another win for the Leafs more goals for Austin Matthews to exact Matthews now has nine goals in Toronto's first five games that matches an all time Mark with Mike bossy. Mario Lemieux Patrick Marlowe and Alex Baskin just did it last season. Each of those players scored nine goals in their first five games. So Matthews part of an elite group there and the scoring continues for Austin Matthews. The Toronto Maple Leafs. Elsewhere tonight, the penguins double up Vegas four to two Phil kessel natural hat trick in this game for Pittsburgh castles, I three goals of the season the Canucks over the lightning four two one. The Rangers get an overtime win over the sharks. Three two two is the final at Madison Square Garden late goal by Cam Atkinson lifts Columbus over Florida five to four the devils route the capital's six nothing to goals for Kyle pal. Marion that one for New Jersey for Washington. It's their first loss of the season. The Bruins beat the Oilers four to one David Pasternak's scores for Boston Connor mcdavid gets on the board for Edmonton MC David's first goal of the season. A couple of games still in progress. The Canadians trail the kings three nothing with about eight minutes to go in the third period. Also third period of national where the predators are up to nothing on the jets. The blues lead the flames five to one in the third and Chicago is ahead of Minnesota three to two in the third period over to the NFL. Now getting ready to start the second. Half in New York where the giants trail the eagles twenty four to six Carson Wentz. Two touchdown passes tonight for Philadelphia one Zach ertz wanted to alshon Jeffery Corey Clement. Also, finding the endzone tonight for the eagles. Eli manning struggling in the first half of this one for the giants. Manning ten of twenty three one hundred sixty two yards and one interception. I'm Dan cave with around the NHL Brian back to you. Thank you, Dan.

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