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Next year at age seventeen, he dropped out of school just like his future friend bittaker. He joined the navy in Nineteen, sixty five. Norris spent most of his service in California, but was deployed to Vietnam for several months in nineteen, sixty nine. When he returned stateside, something was different about him. His fellow soldiers noticed that he seemed unhinged and was more aggressive. Within weeks of returning to San Diego. The twenty one year old was arrested for attempting to rape a woman while out on bail the following year he tried to force his way into another woman's home. Luckily, police arrived before he could break in through the window. Military psychologist determined he had a severe schizoid personality and Norris was discharged from the navy. The loss of his job only catapulted norris toward further acts of violence. Because now there was no stabilizing force in his life. Other than his court dates, he had nowhere to be nothing to do. During the days he stood over his violent fantasies for days until he couldn't take it anymore. In May of nineteen seventy, he stalked a young woman near. San Diego State University. While Norris followed the woman. He sniped Iraq from the pavement, and concealed in his palm, gripping tightly in hand. He approached the woman from behind. Before, she could turn around Norris. Raise the rock above his head and smashed it into her skull. He hit the woman again and again until she collapsed, Norris, then jumped on top of her, and slammed her head against the pavement, her blood spattered all over the sidewalk, and onto neurosis hands before were able to respond. The woman sustained severe head trauma, but luckily survived the brutal attack. Norris was charged with assault and taken to a mental hospital for sex offenders. He spent five years in the hospital and underwent psychiatric treatment. In Nineteen, seventy five doctors granted his release. They decided that he no longer posed a threat to others. They were wrong only three months later. twenty-seven-year-old Norris attempted to pick up a young woman walking by the side of the road. After she refused to ride on his motorcycle North Park and began walking beside her terrified. The woman walked pastor to get away. Norris kept up the pace, an attempted to embrace her. She shoved him away, but he grabbed her by the scarf and pulled her back to him. He wrapped the scarf around her neck and whispered in her ear that he was going to rape her. The woman frozen fear. She was sure that if she fought. North would hurt her. Maybe even kill her nervous dragged her into some nearby woods enter. Afterward the woman escaped. She called the police, but they were unable to track down Norris back on her description, but by a stroke of luck a month later, she spotted Norris driving by on his motorcycle. She wrote down his license plate and passed it onto authorities. Norris was convicted of rape and placed in the California men's colony along with Lawrence bit occur for while the two were only vaguely aware of each other. They didn't really run in the same circles. Nora's primarily associated with motorcycle gangs and dealt drugs to inmates. Still was impressed by Norris's reputation and watched him from afar norris seemed like a smart man to him and someone who could be a useful ally. It was possibly for this reason that in nineteen, seventy, eight, thirty eight year old is saved his life. The exact circumstances aren't known. But Norris claimed that bitter came to his rescue twice in jail after he was attacked by fellow inmates. Norris felt like he owed bid occur after that the two started talking and became friends, they spent long hours chatting about their hopes and dreams. Most of the fantasies they discussed revilement and the two men bonded over their mutual obsession with denigrating women. Nurse in particular loved scaring women. He relished their expressions of horror S. he attacked and tortured them. There was no shortage of sex offenders in prison, but norris and bickers penchant for sadistic fantasies made them slightly unusual contrary to what one may expect. Not all sex offenders have particularly violent imaginations. In fact, a nineteen eighty-six survey of sixty four sex offenders determined that the majority of sex offenders had fantasies that were no different than the average person. However, there are distinct proportion of criminals who do have deviant fantasies. Fantasies a nineteen ninety eight study concluded that approximately twenty five percent of sex offenders experienced violent fantasies, and there's evidence to suggest that these people are much more dangerous than the average sex offender in two thousand two psychologists Suzanne. Curno and Ron Lange oven examined the profiles of two hundred twenty eight sex offenders. They wrote that deviant fantasizes, maybe more socially alienated and less emotionally stable than non deviant fantasize irs. These findings ring true in the cases of bit occur Norris, neither very socially engaged, and both had shown themselves unable to resist their darkest impulses. They found in each other a demented kindred spirit. They're sick. Fantasies helped the two men while away their final hours in prison, one of their favorite topics of conversation was a sadistic plan to sexually assault and murder, seven teenage girls, for no clear reason, the pair like the idea of killing girls of different ages they arbitrarily wanted to murder a thirteen year, old, fourteen year old, and so on up to the age of nineteen. They talked about their fantasy and detail with varying degrees of seriousness. Neither of them were sure whether the other was really willing to go on a killing spree together, or if they were just blowing smoke after all alliances formed inside. Don't often last outside of prison. When, bittaker was released from jail in nineteen, seventy, eight Norris thought for sure he'd never hear from his new Powell ever again. Three months later, he was released in January of Nineteen seventy-nine. By that time occurred was already working as a machinist though he hadn't always bothered finding steady work when he wasn't in prison this time, he was determined to blend in and stay out of prison because he had big plans. Meanwhile. Norris found work as an electronics technician and moved in with his mother at a trailer park. In Los Angeles, county. He was pleasantly surprised to get a letter from bittaker, asking to get together and go on drive with him. bittaker norris found they got along even away from the strictures of the prison, both were excited to continue their vulgar violent conversations about women. They took to going on long weekend. Drives down the Pacific Coast highway parking and drinking on the many beaches. They spent most of their time watching women in bikinis sunbathing on the beaches from a discreet distance. Sometimes they take creepy pictures of the women who are make jokes at their expense. With each conversation. They're sick. Desires became harder to resist. They emboldened each other bit occur and Norris concerns any disgusting things that came into their mind certain that the other would encourage them. It was a melding of to depraved minds, and the longer they spoke the more seriously..

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