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One FM. Dave Logan, the head coach Vance Joseph from Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. We are thirty minutes or thereabouts away from tonight's game. With the Broncos on the road facing the Oakland Raiders, this might very well be the last time the raiders play here in the stadium. I don't know if you get caught up in it. But yeah, they've had they've had quite the history here in. So I would imagine if in fact today's players really care about that. But I would think some of the coaches in the front office types from Oakland with like to find a way to win what could be their final. Absolutely. It's going to be an emotional game. These guys obviously that could be the last game here I worked in San Fran for seven seasons. So I get it. You know, it's a it's a special place. So we got a player best football to make him unhappy tonight. You have I mean, the Broncos have have really fared well against the raiders recently found a win win that game earlier this season back in Denver. They have struggled immensely in yet. You look look at some of the games they beat the Browns. They beat the Steelers played very well. And yet they found ways to win when you just think about the season being over players, Dave, you know, I mean, they have a really good old line dominant D line. So if we don't play, well, they can beat us. Also, you know, it's going to take our best performer still win this game. So we gotta be locked in tonight. You guys don't have to tell you out of the playoff race. Yeah. I played a couple of seasons. When I remember late in the season we were out, and it it. It's interesting sort of the dynamic of the locker room, and depending on sort of your mindset individually, but but how have used or have you had to sort of deal with that moving forward from head coaches? Because it's a it's a tough deal. You're out you have two weeks to go, and no football's a tough sport. So if you're mind's not right bad things can happen. So each man has to find his y you know, we'll have our y you know, while we coach while we play. So we'll find out tonight and play. Well, I've got to address this all sorts of rumors circulating some about you some about players. How do you individually? Sort of get through that right? Thank you. Just enjoy the moment. You know? It's a it's a it's a great job in the future is obviously not not clear right now. But we can't worry about that. I don't worry about that. You know, my focus is on our team, and our coaches and plan a best ball. We can play tonight. All right. We'll come back to Oakland and continue our conversation with the head coach Vance Joseph Broncos and the raiders coming up. But I these messages on the KOA Broncos radio network..

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