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And if all these guys are holding out for top dollar and not saying, well, hey, it's just an honor to play for the Cowboys saw. I'll take less that they're going to have a mess. S on their hands. Yeah. They are and collectively very rarely happens where two or three guys on a on a team or often side of the ball. You know, really have much discussion in the locker room about their contracts, usually, hey, that's kind of private business. Yeah. I'm trying to get this many years, but you don't get into the details of the specifics that way, I guess that's kind of against business ethics to a degree but their agents can work together. I know you're you're right. They certainly could. But the Cowboys they got enough issues right now, I feel like with know just trying to design DeMarcus Lawrence. I think they're going to try to figure that out before they go down. You know, the tunnel of. Let's figure out dot Prescott at Amari Cooper. I would think that Dak Prescott the first guy on the board there. I mean, doc Prescott to me at this point is more of a proven commodity that Amari Cooper, Amari Cooper, had that great year or two to start his NFL career with the Oakland Raiders, then kinda fell off planet earth, you know, for two years, and then we saw a resurgence of the second half of the year last year when he was traded from the raiders of the Dallas Cowboys. So if I'm the Cowboys, I would wanna see a little bit from Amari Cooper, a little bit more. I should say before I reward him like he would be the type of guy. Okay. It's week eight during the NFL season, and Amari Cooper, you know, he he's right where he left off this past season in two thousand eighteen then you start talking contracts, but I'm not going to throw anything. Out there to Amari Cooper. I think until I see a little bit more Dak Prescott I expect those combos to happen sometime before the summer. Demarcus Lawrence now in his second year after expiration of his rookie deal Prescott entering the last year of his Cooper entering the last year of his Byron Jones, the cornerback in the last year of his and the guy whose name never comes up, Chris. And we mentioned a couple of weeks. Cowboys fans got upset with Ezekiel Elliot's got two years left. He's the one guy who should say, I'm outta here. Until you pay me. Sorry. You got to pay all these other guys too. But I want mine are I'm not showing up. Yeah. No. I mean you and I both agree on this one. I mean, this is the go-to guy for the Dallas Cowboys franchise. He is who the offense is orchestrated around. And man does he get a lot of touches a lot of car crashes. So I have no problem physique y'all wants to ask for a little bit more money at a little more security for his future because he plays the position physical, and we have seen when he's in the lineup. They're going to ride him hard, and they wrote DeMarco Murray all the way to the NFL rushing title franchise record for a single season. And they let him walk away. Away in free agency instead of rewarding and we're gonna take a quick break when we return more about this lifetime award that the giants seemed to be determined to give to ally manning Willie actually play their beyond twenty nineteen PF PFC live returns right after.

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