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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi saying the nation's Corona virus count now top sixty thousand and Johns Hopkins University researchers tracking. The disease are now reporting the death. Toll has nearly reached eight hundred. Fifty tens of millions across the country are under orders or being advised to stay home except in cases of emergency to help slow the spread of the corona virus on that front. There's recent today for a little cautious optimism. The governor of New York says the state seeing slowing rate of hospitalizations for corona virus cases. Suggesting a stay at home. Order and social distancing may be working but as NPR's Hansie lo-long explains New York officials say they are still in desperate need of tens of thousands more ventilators near Governor Andrew. Cuomo says as of Tuesday hospitalizations for covert nineteen are now doubling almost every five days. That's a slowdown that Cuomo says. Maybe the result of orders to shut down non-essential businesses and stop gatherings yes. They are burdensome by the way they are effective and unnecessary and the evidence suggests at this point that they have slowed the hospitalizations. And this is everything. New York is still bracing for pecan cases within twenty one days some new vaccines are preparing to ramp up. Production of ventilators. Cuomo says that won't help meet. New York's need thirty thousand more ventilators in the coming weeks on Zee Long. Npr News New York. Florida Governor Rhonda. Santa's is telling anyone arriving on flights from the New York City area self quarantine. For fourteen days. We have National Guard and some other health folks at the airports. All these folks are having They're in for. There has to provide information. They have to provide a place where they'll be self isolating And that is enforceable under the executive order so they could face adverse consequences in bracing for a surge in Florida to Santa says. The state has more than a million and ninety five face masks and expects received millions more in the coming weeks. Italy's in its third week of a virus locked down and Pier Silvio Pohjola reports. The Nation's leading politicians gathered today to talk about the pandemic Prime Minister Giuseppe. Kommt told the lower house we are fighting an invisible and insidious enemy that sneaks into our homes forcing us to redefine our interpersonal relations and to even be wary of our friends or news over will sit down and you start in.

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